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Zuzubaland (Zuzubalândia) is a Brazilian animated fantasy-comedy series created by animator, puppeteer, and author Mariana Caltabiano. The series focuses on a cute and tomboyish little bee girl, Zuzu who lives in a magical kingdom of Zuzubaland with all of her friends. It is an animated reboot of the 1998 live-action/puppet series of the same name.

This is the first Mariana Caltabiano production to receive an English dub.


Image Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Zuzu.png Zuzu Daniel Costa Dino Andrade
Jennie Kwan (singing)
Pipoca.png Popcorn Luiza Porto Amber Connor
Brigadeiro.png Rocky Cocoa Hugo Picchi Zeno Robinson
Laricao.png Hot Dog Eduardo Jardim Joe J. Thomas
Suspiro.png Sundae Hugo Picchi Aleks Le
Fast.png Fast Daniel Costa Shannon McKain
Maria Mole.png Marsha Mallow Bruna Guerin Ryan Bartley
King Appetite.png King Appetite Hugo Picchi Jason Marnocha
Sushiroco.png Sushiroco Eduardo Jardim Khoi Dao
Anorexic Witch.png Anorexic/Green Witch Antoniela Canto Wendee Lee
Garfídea.png Garfidea Bruna Guerin Dale Edwards

Additional Voices


  • Ryan Bartley's last name is misspelled as Bastley in the end credits in some earlier episodes. This is corrected in later episodes however.

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