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Zo Zo Zombie (ゾゾゾ ゾンビーくん ZoZoZo Zonbī-kun) is a series of anime shorts based on the manga series by Yasunari Nagatoshi. It was produced by J.C. Staff and Spin Master.


Zo Zo Zombie is the best undead friend you never had! Who else could use his own intestines as a jump rope or peel his own skin to use as a coat? Together with his best (human) friend Isamu, Zo Zo Zombie is just trying to do some good in this world but somehow always ends up in pieces. Literally.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Main Characters
Isamu Miho Okasaki Alex Cazares
Zo Zo Zombie Serika Hiromatsu Benjamin Diskin

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