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Zero Woman: Dangerous Game (Zero WOMAN 危ない遊戯, Zero Woman: Abunai Yūgi) is a 1998 Japanese V-Cinema erotic thriller film. An English dub was produced by Central Park Media and released in 2004.


A woman with no past or identity, Rei is a gorgeous undercover agent for the Zero Department, a deadly shadow division of the police force. When terror stalks the streets of Tokyo, slaughtering nameless victims for the medical black market, Rei is sent to take down the brutal killer. But her only lead is the mistress of a notorious crime boss. Will she be seduced into a deadly trap?


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Rei Chieko Shiratori Suzanne Savoy
Nana Ichiho Matsuda Debora Rabbai
Natsume Terunori Miyazaki Dan Green
Yamaguchi Ken Miyawaki Rodd Houston
Mutoh Daisuke Ryu Edward MacLeod
Kaneda Masayoshi Nogami David Logan Rankin
Kirishima Shira Shitamoto Wayne Grayson
Tanabe Keizo Nagashima Scott Cargle
Satake Tadashi Okuno Greg Wolfe

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