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Zebraman (ゼブラーマン) is a Japanese superhero comedy film directed by Takashi Miike and written by Kankurō Kudō. The film was originally released in Japan on February 14, 2004. An English version of this film was released in North America on DVD by Tokyo Shock on February 19, 2008.


It is 2010. A failure as a 3rd grade teacher and a family man, Shinichi Ichikawa lives with his cheating wife, his teenage daughter who dates older men, and his son who is bullied because of his father's presence in the school. Escaping from everyday life, Shinichi secretly dresses up nightly as "Zebraman", the title character from an unpopular 1970's tokusatsu TV series he watched as a child before it was canceled after the seventh episode. As a result of meeting a wheelchair-using transfer student named Shinpei Asano, also a fan of Zebraman, Shinichi not only regains his love for teaching but also develops feelings for the boy's mother. At the same time, a rash of strange crimes and murders have been occurring around the school at which Shinichi teaches. On his way to Shinpei's house in his costume to give him a surprise, Shinichi fights a crab-masked serial killer whom he defeats when he starts exhibiting actual superpowers. Confronting more criminals who are possessed by a strange slime-based alien force, Shinichi learns that the Zebraman series was actually a cautionary prophecy of an actual alien invasion written by the school's principal, revealed to be an alien who refused to go through with the invasion and attempted to keep his kind from getting out from below the school before they kill him off and attack in full fury. Though he knows how the show ends, Shinichi defies his predestined fate as he is the only person who can stop the aliens from taking over the Earth. As a result, when the aliens emerge from the ground, the government informs the United States, which will perform an airstrike on the aliens. Realizing this, Shinichi learns of his powers and defeats the aliens.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Shinichi Ichikawa/Zebraman Show Aikawa Christopher Corey Smith
Kana Asano/Zebra Nurse Kyōka Suzuki Julie Ann Taylor
Shinpei Asano Naoki Yasukochi Mona Marshall
Oikawa Atsuro Watabe Liam O'Brien
Segawa Koen Kondo Sam Riegel
Yukiyo Ichikawa Makiko Watanabe Mari Devon
Midori Ichikawa Yui Ichikawa Jennie Kwan
Kazuki Ichikawa Yoshimasa Mishima Marianne Miller
Kuniharu Kuroda Ren Osugi TBA
Ippongi Teruyoshi Uchimura Doug Erholtz
Kitahara the Crab Man Akira Emoto Joe Ochman
Kanda Ryo Iwamatsu Turbo Jettson

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