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Zak Storm: Super Pirate is a French/Italian/Korean/Indonesian/American computer-animated children's television series produced by De Agostini Editore, MNC Animation, Man of Action, Method Animation, SAMG Animation and Zagtoon. The series originally aired in France between December 2, 2016 and December 14, 2016, consisting of 13 episodes. The series aired in the United States between October 14, 2017 and December 30, 2017.


"Zak Storm" tells of the adventures of Zak Storm – a headstrong and adventurous kid swept into the Bermuda Triangle while trying to win a surfing competition. Once inside, Zak partners up with a magical sword that allows him to transform into a swashbuckling, renegade hero to face the numerous perils of the unique and diverse Seven Seas of the Triangle. Young Zak sails the Triangle's seven mysterious seas with an extraordinarily otherworldly ship and crew comprised of an enchanted talking sword, an Atlantean headstrong female first mate, a thick-headed heavy-fisted Viking, a neurotic space traveler, and a poltergeist prankster kid!


Image Character Original Voice France Dub Actor United States Season
Main Characters
Zak Storm Hervé Grull Michael Johnston 1-
Calabrass Jérôme Wiggins Kyle Hebert 1-
Cece Marie Nonnenmacher Christine Marie Cabanos 1-
Crogar Marc Duquenoy Christopher Corey Smith 1-
Caramba Olivier Podesta Max Mittelman 1-
Secondary Characters
Clovis Elodie Menant Reba Buhr 1-
Skullivar Julien Chatelet Keith Silverstein 1-
Sassafras ¿? Jessica Gee 1-
Golden Bones Benjamin Van Meggelen Matthew Mercer 1-
Zephyra ¿? Cristina Valenzuela 1-

Additional Voices


Date(s) Channel Country
2017-2018 Syndication
United States United States
2017-2019 Discovery Family

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