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Yucatán is a 2018 Spanish comedy film co-written and directed by Daniel Monzón. The film is about a group of scammers who embark in a cruise ship in order to defraud and steal the money of an old baker who recently won millions of euros in the lottery and is travelling on the ship with his family. Yucatán was mostly filmed onboard Pullmantur Cruises's MS Sovereign and on location in the ports where the ship docked during its route.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Antonio Joan Pera R. Martin Klein
Clayderman Rodrigo de la Serna Greg Chun
Lucas Luis Tosar Jake Eberle
Ernesto Agustín Jiménez Bill Millsap
Brendon Adrián Núñez Andrew Diego
Fede Jorge Asin Joe Ochman
Leticia Alicia Fernández Cherami Leigh
Verónica Stephanie Cayo Kyla Garcia
Carmen Gloria Muñoz Barbara Goodson
Mónica Lupe Cartie Karen Strassman
Alicia Txell Alxendri Jessica Blue

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Transmission via Streaming

Company Date Category Format Classification Country
Netflix-logo.png February 15, 2019 Netflix Original Film Digital 16+ United States

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