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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (遊☆戯☆王デュエルモンスターズ Yūgiō Dyueru Monsutāzu) is the second anime adaptation of Kazuki Takahashi's manga series of the same name. Produced by Studio Gallop, the anime ran for 224 episodes between April 2000 and September 2004 on TV Tokyo in Japan.


3000 years ago marked the turning point of an Egyptian dynasty; the Pharaoh's spirit was sealed inside one of the ancient relics, the Millennium Puzzle, after saving the kingdom from an enemy army. Now, in the present age, the Millennium Puzzle is found by a young boy, Yugi Mutou, who unlocks the spirit of the puzzle and is possessed by the sprit of the old Pharaoh, who lost all of his memories from his old life. As a thank you to the spirit who saved him from bullies and gave him new friends, Yugi decides to help the spirit out and find a way to recover his lost memories and send him to the after life.

Dubbing History

An English dub of the series was originally dubbed in Singapore for the South East Asian market. Recorded at Voiceovers Unlimited and Yuan Production Holdings in Singapore, this dub was produced for Odex Productions. The dub featured an extremely limited cast of only six known voice actors. It's not known exactly how many episodes were dubbed, though it is known to go as high as 80 episodes. An interview with Brian Zimmerman mentions that they were only contracted to do three seasons of the series, meaning it was possibly 144 episodes. [1]

In 2001, 4Kids Entertainment obtained the merchandising and television rights to the series from Konami, producing an English language version which aired in North America on Kids' WB! between September 29, 2001 and June 10, 2006, also releasing in various countries outside of Japan.

The adaptation received many changes from the Japanese version to tailor it for international audiences. These include different names for many characters and monsters, changes to the appearance of the cards to differentiate them from their real-life counterparts and various cuts and edits pertaining to violence, death and religious references to make the series suitable for children. The Japanese sound effects were replaced with American sound effects, and the background music was changed to melodramatic synth music. The opening and ending themes were changed from songs by various popular recording artists to an instrumental song done with a synthesizer.

A separate "uncut" DVD release was commissioned between 4Kids Entertainment and FUNimation Entertainment, featuring a new adaptation that is more consistent with the original. Each uncut DVD contained 3 episodes available both in an uncut, unedited English dub and the original Japanese format with English subtitles, and 3 DVDs were released, for a total of 9 uncut, uncensored and unedited episodes. A fourth DVD containing episodes 10-12 was finished, but after a series of constant delays the DVD was listed as unavailable. The reasons for the cancellation of this dub aren't clear, though 4Kids President Al Kahn has stated the uncut releases were "put on indefinite hiatus" for interfering with the edited DVD sales. Lance Heiskell, a FUNimation representative, has noted legal rights as the reason for cancellation, although he was unable to expand on it.


Main Characters

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor Singapore Dub Actor United States
Yami Yugi season 3.png Yami Yugi Shunsuke Kazama Chuck Powers Dan Green
Yugi Mutto 1st season.png Yugi Muto
Pharaoh Yami 3.png Pharaoh Atem
Seto Kaiba season 3.png Seto Kaiba Kenjirō Tsuda Christian J. Lee Eric Stuart
Seto Kaiba young.png
Priest Seto.png Priest Seto
Joey Weeler 1st season.png Joey Wheeler Hiroki Takahashi Dwayne Tan Wayne Grayson
Joey Wheeler young.png Mariko Nagahama (young)
Tea Gardner season 3.png Téa Gardner Maki Saitō Alison Lester Amy Birnbaum
Tristan Taylor season 4.png Tristan Taylor Takayuki Kondō
(eps. 1-51)
Brian Zimmerman Sam Riegel
(eps. 1-10)
Greg Abbey
(eps. 11-224)
Hidehiro Kikuchi
(eps. 52-224)
Mokuba Kaiba season 4.png Mokuba Kaiba Junko Takeuchi Christian J. Lee Tara Sands
(eps. 1-184)
Mokuba young.png Carrie Keranen
(eps. 185-224)
Bakura Ryo season 3.png Ryō Bakura Yō Inoue
(eps. 1-40)
Chuck Powers Ted Lewis
Rica Matsumoto
(eps. 50-224)
Yami Bakura season 2.png Yami Bakura Yō Inoue
(eps. 1-40)
Rica Matsumoto
(eps. 50-224)
YuGiOhLogo.jpg Narration N/A Brian Zimmerman Dan Green

Secondary Characters

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor Singapore Dub Actor United States
Solomon Muto.png Solomon Mutō Tadashi Miyazawa Chuck Powers Maddie Blaustein
Solomon Muto (young).png Marc Diraison
Duke Devlin.png Duke Devlin Ryō Naito Christian J. Lee Marc Thompson
Serenity Wheeler season 2.png Serenity Wheeler Mika Sakenobe Alison Lester Lisa Ortiz
Maximilion Pegasus.png Maximillion Pegasus Shigeo Shiraishi Brian Zimmerman Darren Dunstan
Rebeca Hawkins 1st season.png Rebecca Hawkins Kaori Tagami Alison Lester Kerry Williams
Rebecca Hawkins season 4.png
Arthur Hopkins 1st season.png Arthur Hawkins Saburo Kodaka Brian Zimmerman Mike Pollock
Marik Ishtar season 2.png Marik Ishtar Tetsuya Iwanaga Christian J. Lee Jonathan Todd Ross
Marik Ishtar young.png Akiko Kimura
Yami Marik.png Yami Marik Tetsuya Iwanaga
Shadi.png Shadi Nozomu Sasaki Chuck Powers Wayne Grayson
Odion Ishtar season 2.png Odion Ishtar Atsushi Kondo Brian Zimmerman J. David Brimmer
Odion Ishtar young2 season 2.png Chuck Powers Ted Lewis
Odion Ishtar young season 2.png Sakura Nogawa
Julian Adler
Mai Valentine season 2.png Mai Valentine Haruhi Terada Alison Lester Megan Hollingshead
(eps. 3-144)
Erica Schroeder
(eps. 148-224)
Weevil Underwoodd.png Weevil Underwood Urara Takano Brian Zimmerman James Carter Cathcart
Rex Raptor.png Rex Raptor Kin Fujii
(eps. 2-59)
Brian Zimmerman
(eps. 2-49)
Sam Riegel
(eps. 2-144)
(eps. 50-144)
Sebastian Arcelus
(eps. 145-187)
Yūichi Nakamura
(eps. 131-224)
Anthony Salerno
(eps. 188-224)
Bandit Keith.png Bandit Keith Howard Hajime Komada Brian Zimmerman Ted Lewis
Ishizu Ishtar.png Ishizu Ishtar Sumi Shimamoto Alison Lester Karen Neill
Ishizu Ishtar young.png Sakura Nogawa
Noah Kaiba.png Noah Kaiba Chisa Yokoyama Taaz Gill Andrew Rannells
Gozaburo Kaiba.png Gozaburo Kaiba Tetsuo Komura Chuck Powers Richard Will
Ted Lewis (ep. 190)
Gansley.png Gansley Nobuyuki Saito
(eps. 43-45)
Brian Zimmerman Eric Stuart
(eps. 43-45)
Shintarō Sonooka
(eps. 98-113)
Marc Thompson
(eps. 98-113)
Crump.png Crump Satoshi Tsuruoka
(eps. 43-45)
Chuck Powers Robert O'Gorman
Ryosuke Otani
(eps. 98-113)
Johnson.png Johnson Shinichi Yashiro Wayne Grayson
(eps. 43-45)
Christopher Collet
(eps. 98-113)
Nezbit.png Nezbitt Hiroomi Sugino Brian Zimmerman David Wills
Leichter.png Leichter Eiji Takemoto
(eps. 43-45)
Tom Souhrada
Hisashi Izumi
(eps. 98-113)
Dartz yugioh.png Dartz Yu Emao Wayne Grayson
Rafael yugioh.png Rafael Yoshihisa Kawahada Marc Thompson
Rafael young yugioh.png
Alister yugioh.png Alister Yukinara Iemura Ted Lewis
Vallom yugioh.png Valon Takeshi Maeda Marc Thompson
Timaeus yugioh.png Knight Timaeus Shunsuke Kazama Dan Green
Critias yugioh.png Knight Critias Kenjirō Tsuda Eric Stuart
Hermos yugioh.png Knight Hermos Hiroki Takahashi Wayne Grayson
Zigfried von schroeder.jpg Siegfried (Lloyd) Von Schroeder Eisuke Tsuda Oliver Wyman
Leonvonschroeder.jpg Leon (Wilson) Von Schroeder Seiko Naguchi Andrew Rannells

Recurring Characters

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor Singapore Dub Actor United States
Kemo.png Kemo Mazahiro Okazaki Brian Zimmerman Eric Stuart
Mako Tsunami.png Mako Tsunami Daisuke Namikawa Dwayne Tan Andrew Rannells
Croquet.png Croquet Yoshikazu Nagano Ted Lewis
PaniK.png PaniK Holly Kaneko Brian Zimmerman David Moo
Bonz.png Bonz Masami Suzuki Chuck Powers Amy Birnbaum
Sid2.png Sid Eiji Takemoto Eric Stuart
Zygor.png Zygor Norihisa Mori Maddie Blaustein
Para.png Para Takashi Matsuyama Brian Zimmerman Sam Riegel
(ep. 19)
Jerry Lobozzo
(eps. 20-21)
Dox.png Dox Jin Nishimura Jerry Lobozzo
JohnnySteps.PNG Johnny Steps Hideki Honda Chuck Powers Christopher Collet
WittyPhantom.jpg Witty Phantom Eiji Takemoto Brian Zimmerman Darren Dunstan
Stringsyugioh.jpg Strings / The Quiet One Tetsuya Iwanaga Christian J. Lee Jonathan Todd Ross
Roland season 3.png Roland Masami Iwasaki Chuck Powers David Wills
Wayne Grayson
(eps. 128-148)
Arkana.png Arkana Takehito Koyasu Brian Zimmerman Sam Riegel
SeekerYuGiOh.jpg Seeker Richard Will
Lumis true form.png
Loomis Yū Mizushima James Carter Cathcart
Umbra true form.png
Umbra Kōji Ishii Chuck Powers Christopher Collet
Espa Roba.png Espa Roba Maiko Itō Sebastian Arcelus
Kenta2.png Kenta Mie Sonozaki Christian J. Lee Veronica Taylor
Dark Magician Girl.png Dark Magician Girl Yuki Nakao Erica Schroeder
Dark Magician Girl season 3.png
Mr. Ishtar.png Mr. Ishtar Motomu Anzaki ¿? Richard Will
Gurimo yugioh.png Gurimo James Onoda Mike Pollock
Ironheart yugioh.jpg Ironheart Yūsaku Yara Brian Maillard
Chris yugioh.png Chris Chieko Higuchi Veronica Taylor
MahadYGO.jpg Mahad Kazunari Kojima Michael Sinterniklaas
ManaYGO.png Mana Yuki Nakao Erica Schroeder
Siamun Muran.jpg Shimon Muran Tadashi Miyazawa Maddie Blaustein
ThiefKingBakura.jpg Thief King Bakura Rica Matsumoto Ted Lewis
KarimYGO.jpg Karim Masahito Kawanaga Marc Diraison
IsisIshtar.jpg Isis Sumi Shimamoto Karen Neill
Sakura Nogawa
ShadaYGO.jpg Shada Nozomu Sasaki J. David Brimmer
AknadinYGO.jpg Aknadin Hitoshi Bifu Oliver Wyman
AkhnamkanonYGO.png Aknamkanon Yōichi Kobiyama Eric Stuart

Episodic Characters

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor Singapore Dub Actor United States Episode
First Season
Hobson YGO.png Hobson Chuck Powers James Carter Cathcart 1
¿? 103
Informant YGO.png Informant Dwayne Tan Wayne Grayson 1
Tournament Announcer YGO.png Tournament Announcer Hiroshi Kikkawa Eric Stuart 2
Tetsu Trudge YGO.png Tetsu Trudge Yūji Kishi Brian Zimmerman Dan Green 3
Man A YGO.png Man A Eiji Takemoto Eric Stuart
Man B YGO.png Man B Hiroshi Kikkawa Wayne Grayson
Duelist A YGO.png Duelist A Eiji Takemoto Dwayne Tan Sam Riegel 4
Duelist B YGO.png Duelist B Masaru Hotta Chuck Powers Eric Stuart
Duelist C YGO.png Duelist C Mika Ishibashi Christopher Collet
Blacksuit YGO.png Blacksuit Dwayne Tan Wayne Grayson
Boy YGO.png Boy Mika Ishibashi Christian J. Lee Eric Stuart 6
Mako's Father YGO.png Mako's Father Brian Zimmerman 7
Computer Voice1 YGO.png Computer Voice Masaru Hotta ¿? Sam Riegel 8
Losing Duelist YGO.png Losing Duelist Mika Ishibashi Christian J. Lee Ted Lewis
Blacksuit A YGO.png Blacksuit A Eric Stuart
Blacksuit B YGO.png Blacksuit B Chuck Powers Sam Riegel
Synthetic Voice YGO.png Synthetic Voice Yuki Nakao Alison Lester Megan Hollingshead 9-10
Mimic of Doom YGO.png Mimic of Doom Tony Hirota Brian Zimmerman Wayne Grayson 10
Sam YGO.png Sam Mika Ishibashi Alison Lester Amy Birnbaum 16
Jersey Man YGO.png Jersey Man Brian Zimmerman Eric Stuart 22
Cecelia Pegasus YGO.png Cecelia Pegasus Risa Mizuno Alison Lester ¿? 40
Princess Adena YGO.png Princess Adena Eri Sendai ¿? 44-45
Adena's Nursemaid YGO.png Adena's Nursemaid Mariko Nagahama Rachael Lillis
Second Season
Mrs. Muto YGO.png Mrs. Muto Masami Suzuki Alison Lester 50
Shopkeeper YGO.png Shopkeeper Hidenobu Kiuchi Chuck Powers Ted Lewis 55
Mrs. Wheeler YGO.png Mrs. Wheeler Chiaki Kosaka Alison Lester Karen Neill
Doctor YGO.png Doctor Brian Zimmerman Sam Riegel
Koji Nagumo YGO.png Koji Nagumo Makoto Tomita Dwayne Tan Christopher Collet 60
Duelist YGO.png Duelist Kohei Kiyasu Chuck Powers Andrew Rannells
Thieving Kid YGO.png Thieving Kid Brandon Weiss 63
Jean-Claude Magnum YGO.png Jean-Claude Magnum Hozumi Goda Brian Zimmerman Greg Abbey 80
Mrs. Ishtar YGO.png Mrs. Ishtar Akari Hibino Alison Lester ¿? 87-89
Third Season
Computer Voice2 YGO.png Computer Voice ¿? Karen Neill 120
Dream Opponent YGO.png Dream Opponent ¿? Oliver Wyman 133
Fourth Season
Mikey YGO.png Mikey Tomomi Yachi Sebastian Arcelus 150, 167
Aaron YGO.png Aaron 166
Car Salesman YGO.png Car Salesman Darren Dunstan 171
Fifth Season
Rick YGO.png Rick Yuki Nakao Pete Capella 185-186
Ahmet YGO.png Ahmet Marc Thompson 199
Mushara YGO.png Mushara Maddie Blaustein

Additional Voices

Odex Dub

4Kids Dub

4Kids Uncut Dub (Episodes 1-12)

Image Characters Seiyū Dub Actor
Tristan Taylor season 4.png Tristan Taylor Takayuki Kondō Greg Abbey
Mai Valentine season 2.png Mai Valentine Haruhi Terada Kathleen Delaney
Rex Raptor.png Rex Raptor Kin Fujii Sebastian Arcelus
YuGiOhLogo.jpg Narration N/A Eric Stuart
Additional Voices


  • Greg Abbey was originally cast as Yugi, and can be heard in a promotional trailer. Abbey briefly moved to Los Angeles, so the role was recast with Dan Green. Abbey would later replace Sam Riegel as Tristan Taylor.
  • Mai Valentine is the lone main/recurring character to be recast in the Uncut Dub. This is more likely due to it being dubbed around the time that Megan Hollingshead moved to Los Angeles and before being recast with Erica Schroeder for the main edited dub.
  • Tara Sands was replaced by Carrie Keranen as Mokuba Kaiba in season 5 due to Sands moving to Los Angeles. Sands later returned as Mokuba in The Dark Side of Dimensions.
  • The roles played by Richard Will were initially assumed to have been voiced by David Wills, due to the similarity in both name and voice it was assumed that Richard Will was an alias. However, it would later be confirmed by David Wills himself that he was not the voice actor.[2]
  • The appearance of the cards was changed to a new design only featuring the card art, attribute, level, and stats rather than showing the real-life product. 4Kids Entertainment's Senior Vice President of Digital Media Mark Kirk claimed that the reason for editing the appearance of the cards was because U.S. TV broadcast laws dictated that the cards were not allowed to look exactly like the real cards that are sold; otherwise, the show would legally be considered a commercial rather than a cartoon, and the cost to air it would be exponentially higher. However, two of the movies do contain the original card designs as they do not have to comply with these regulations.


Date(s) Channel Country
2001-2006 The WB
(Kids WB!)
United States United States
2001-2006 YTV Canada Canada
2002-2006 Nickelodeon United Kingdom United Kingdom
2003-2005 Cartoon Network United States United States
2006-2007 FOX
(Foxblock / 4Kids TV)
United States United States
2009-2010 The CW

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
FUNimation Entertainment 2002-2005 VHS.jpg Episodes 1-132 NTSC United States United States
30 Volumes
2002-2005 DVD.jpg Episodes 1-172 1
35 Volumes
2004 Season 1
6 Discs
2004-2005 Episodes 1-9 (Uncut)
3 Volumes
2004-2008 Season 5
2 Volumes
2008 Seasons 2-3
2 Volumes
New Video Group 2013-2014 The Complete Series
10 Volumes
The Complete Series
5 Volumes


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