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Yo-kai Watch (妖怪ウォッチ Yōkai Wotchi) is a children's anime series based on the video game of the same name developed by Level-5. The anime was broadcast from January 8, 2014 to March 30, 2018 on TXN and related stations. An English dub, produced by Dentsu Entertainment USA, started airing on the Disney XD channel on October 5, 2015 in the United States, Canada's Teletoon on October 10, 2015, and 9Go! in Australia on December 14, 2015. Episodes are split into multiple parts.

Dubbing History

The English dub was originally recorded by Amalgamated Sound & Picture in Los Angeles, and would go on to air on Disney XD in the United States on October 5, 2015, a month before the North American release date of Yo-kai Watch video game. It also airs on the Canadian channel Teletoon.

On December 16, 2017, Brent Pendergrass confirmed that he would no longer be participating in any Yo-kai Watch-related projects, even though he didn't state any reasons. Three days later, Joey D'Auria, who is best known for voicing Whisper confirmed that all of the Yo-kai Watch anime voice actors were recast due to budget cuts. This led to the fans worrying about the voice actors sounding not as they want it to be and Yo-kai Watch Blasters having to handle a longer delay.

When Blasters was announced, it was confirmed that the original voice actors reprised their roles after months of no news and that the anime series would have a new cast, with SDI Media taking over. Sometime before Season 3 premiered on Disney XD in the United States, some of the new voice actors shared their roles all over social media.

The voice actor recast proved to be somewhat controversial in the fandom. While some of the fans praised the recasted voices, others didn't like them at all. The negative reception piled up even more when the dub edits started to degrade in quality, such as blanking out signs rather than translating some of them, leaving Japanese-language errors present in various scenes and censoring out Usapyon's Invader Mode.

Some of the episodes were also reordered for unknown reasons, and as of now, several segments have been presumed to be skipped. The reordering has proved to be controversial, to the point of the official Twitter account poking fun at it.

Toonami Asia Dub

An Asian-English version of the series aired on Teletoon in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand in 2015. Unlike the Western-English dub, it keeps almost all of the Japanese signage and edits while the dialogue retains all of the verbal tics, Japanese names, and Japanese opening/ending themes.

The dub is produced entirely uncut over the Japanese visuals, with the networks it airs on making edits as they are needed to comply to local standards and laws. It is known to have aired at least 100 episodes, but due to the shutdown of Toonami Asia, it is currently on hiatus.

Cartoon Network Africa Dub

On April 20th, 2019, the Cartoon Network Africa YouTube channel posted clips from Yo-kai Watch Season 3 Episode 2 with an entirely different cast then the previous ones. Multiple clips from the episodes were uploaded, and scheduling showed that the episodes were uncensored and not switched around. However, when CN Africa posted more clips it was from the SDI Media dub. This dub is considered lost.


Image Character Original Name Seiyū Dub Actor Episodes
Main Characters
Nate Adams.png Nathan "Nate" Adams Keita Amano Haruka Tomatsu Johnny Yong Bosch 1-76
Griffin Burns 77-100
Yuri Lowenthal 101-
Whisper.png Whisper Tomokazu Seki Joey D'Auria 1-76
Michael Sorich 77-100
James Carter Cathcart 101-
Jibanyan.png Jibanyan Etsuko Kozakura Alicyn Packard 1-76
Kira Buckland 77-101
Cindy Robinson 102-
Hailey Anne.png Hailey Anne Thomas Inaho Misora Aoi Yūki Erika Harlacher 77-100
Laura Bailey 101-
Usapyon.png USApyon Kotori Shigemoto Katie Leigh 77-100
Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld 101-
Secondary Characters
Katie Forester.png Katie Forester Fumika Kodama Aya Endō Melissa Hutchison 1-76
Reba Buhr 77-
Edward Archer.png Edward "Eddie" Archer Kanchi Imada Chie Satō Brent Pendergrass 1-76
Bryce Papenbrook 77-
Barnaby Bernstein.png Barnaby "Bear" Bernstein Gorota "Kuma" Kumashima Tōru Nara Paul Greenberg 1-76
Tony Azzolino 77-
Lily Adams.png Lily Adams Keita's Mother Ryōko Nagata Alicyn Packard 1-76
Reba Buhr 77-
Aaron Adams.png Aaron Adams Keita's Father Tōru Nara Brent Pendergrass 1-76
Christopher Corey Smith 77-
Sarah-yo-kai-watch-80.7.jpg Sarah Satoko Hayashi Natsuki Aikawa Alicyn Packard
Alex--19.jpg Alex Mika Yamaguchi Risa Ai 6-76
Mr-johnson-yo-kai-watch-3.57.jpg Mr. Joe Johnson Homeroom Teacher Kazehiro Fusegawa Paul Greenberg 4-76
Idolwaunyanyanoken cover generic.png Next HarMEOWny NyaKB Haruka Shimazaki Alicyn Packard 27-51
Jurina Matsui
Sakura Miyawaki
Rina Kawaei
Yuria Kizaki
Rena Kato
Mako Kojima

Human Characters

Image Character Original Name Seiyū Dub Actor Episodes
News xlarge yokai character 01.jpg Amy Emi Kiyono Yasuno Alicyn Packard 1-25
Shelly--75.jpg Shelly Shiori Nakamura Yurie Kobori ¿?
Lulu--38.7.jpg Lulu Ai Kobayashi Eri Inagawa ¿?
Natalie--9.6.jpg Natalie Nakajima Norika Natsuki Aikawa ¿?
Yokai Watch Kenny Portrait (2).jpg Kenny Kenji Yamada Ryōko Nagata ¿?
Meg.png Megan "Meg" Jones Megumi Sasaki Melissa Hutchison
Chiyo Suzuki.png Chelsea Chiyo Suzuki Kiyono Yasuno ¿?
Andy-0.png Andy Koichi Kato Yurie Kobori Paul Greenberg
Eric-0.png Eric Takumi Ito Aya Endō ¿?
Rebecca forester.png Rebecca Forester Fumika's Mother Natsuki Aikawa Melissa Hutchison 4-76
Jason forester.png Jason Forester Fumika's Father Johnny Yong Bosch 49-76
Gatarou Gaman .png Mr. Batham Gatarou Gaman Joey D'Auria 15-76
YKW-T01E62-Falsius.png Director Phonius Korinai Yarase Paul Greenberg 58-65

Yo-kai Characters

Image Character Original Name Seiyū Dub Actor Episodes
Dismarelda.jpg Dismarelda Don'yoriinu Ryōko Nagata Melissa Hutchison 1-27
Happiere.jpg Happierre Honobōno Masahito Yabe Paul Greenberg 1-27
Youkai watch-3329404.jpg Walkappa Nogappa Melissa Hutchison 2-75
Reba Buhr 81-
Tattletell.jpgTattletell human.jpg Tattletell Bakurobā Chie Satō Melissa Hutchison 2-64
Dracunyan.png Dracunyan Gabiryan Etsuko Kozakura Alicyn Packard 42
Cristina Valenzuela 77-
Youkai watch-3329542.jpg Noko Tsuchinoko Yuko Sasamoto Brent Pendergrass 3-46
Manjimutt.png Manjimutt Jinmenkin Naoki Bandō Paul Greenberg 3-76
Roughraff.png Roughraff Gurerurin Brent Pendergrass 3-76
Youkai watch-3329810.jpg Baddinyan Warunyan Etsuko Kozakura Alicyn Packard 3-35
Hungramps (Yo-Kai Watch).jpg Hungramps Himojii Tadashi Miyazawa Paul Greenberg 4-59
Youkai watch-3329398.jpg Wazzat Wasurenbō Naoki Bandō Joey D'Auria 4-64
Illoo.png Illoo Maborōshi Tōru Nara 5-39
Blazion.png Blazion Meramelion Yuko Sasamoto Brent Pendergrass 6-64
Negatibuzz.png Negatibuzz Negatibuun Masahito Yabe ¿? 6
Youkai watch-3329474.jpg Signibble Denpaku-kozō Chie Satō Alicyn Packard 6-27
Komasan.png Komasan Aya Endō Melissa Hutchison 7-76
Erika Harlacher 79-
Yo-aki watch 787896655.png Nosirs MitoMEN Yūichi Karasuma Brent Pendergrass 7-15
Kazuhiro Fusegawa
Kiyotaka Furushima
39753129 252850078892671 1999023774086725632 n.png Daiz Bōbō Etsuko Kozakura Alicyn Packard 57
Yo Kai (Blockhead).jpg Mr. Blockhead Kakusan Yuya Murakami ¿? 107
Youkai watch-3329664.jpg Fidgephant Morezō Miho Hino Paul Greenberg 8-61
Youkai watch-3329626.jpg Hidabat Hikikōmori Ryōko Nagata Melissa Hutchison 8-70
Reba Buhr 78-
Komajiro.png Komajiro Aya Endō Alicyn Packard 9-76
Youkai watch-3329772.jpg Cadin Semimaru Tōru Nara Melissa Hutchison 9-64
Michael Sorich 81-
Robonyan.png Robonyan Naoki Bandō Joey D'Auria 9-76
Tony Azzolino 77-
Youkai watch-3329776.jpg Buhu Tohohogisu Aya Endō Alicyn Packard 10-53
Youkai watch-3329478.jpg Shogunyan Bushinyan Etsuko Kozakura 10-19
Youkai watch-3329446.jpg Spenp Mudazukai Tōru Nara Johnny Yong Bosch 11-72
Youkai watch-3329540.jpg Noway Murikabe Brent Pendergrass 11-27
Youkai watch-3329750.jpg Cheeksqueek Onarazumono Miho Hino Alicyn Packard 12
Kira Buckland 91
Youkai watch-3329752.jpg Chatalie Kuchidake-onna Yuko Sasamoto Alicyn Packard 13-27
Youkai watch-3329392.jpg Wiglin Wakame-kun Masahito Yabe 13-27
Youkai watch-3329442.jpg Steppa Konbu-san Tōru Nara Brent Pendergrass 13-27
Youkai watch-3329498.jpg Rhyth Mekabu-chan Ryōko Nagata Alicyn Packard 13-27
Youkai watch-3329704.jpg Dazzabel Sharekofujin Miho Hino ¿? 14-35
Youkai watch-3329702.jpg Dimmy Jimii Johnny Yong Bosch 14-27
Sproink-Nobosetonman-Yo-kai-Watch.jpg Sproink Nobosetonman Yuya Murakami Brent Pendergrass 15-27
Youkai watch-3329812.jpg Babblong Nagabana Naoki Bandō Joey D'Auria 15-27
Youkai watch-3329522.jpg Peppillon Ageageha Tōru Nara TBA 16-27
Youkai watch-3329694.jpg Drizzle Amefurashi Yuko Sasamoto Brent Pendergrass 16
Youkai watch-3329570.jpg Mirapo Ungaikyō Tadashi Miyazawa Paul Greenberg 16-27
Yokaiwatch002012 rockbelly.png Rockabelly Harao-dori Aya Endō Alicyn Packard 17-27
Yokai watch 1697213.jpg Cynake Sunesnake Tadashi Miyazawa Johnny Yong Bosch 17
Kyubi.png Kyubi Ryōko Nagata Melissa Hutchison 18-76
Gargaros-Aka-Oni-Yo-kai-Watch.jpg Gargaros Aka Oni Naoki Bandō Brent Pendergrass 18-55
Youkai watch-3329806.jpg Baku Chie Satō Alicyn Packard 19-27
Youkai watch-3329708.jpg Dandoodle Ikemenken Masahito Yabe Paul Greenberg 20-52
Youkai watch-3329714.jpg D'wanna Tsuzukanasō 21-27
Youkai watch-3329608.jpg Insomni Fuumin Aya Endō Alicyn Packard 21-27
Youkai watch-3329686.jpg Duchoo Kazekamo Naoki Bandō Paul Greenberg 22-27
Youkai watch-3329732.jpg Coughkoff Igaigaguri Masahito Yabe 22-27
Youkai watch-3329832.jpg Ake Katanori-kozō Ryōko Nagata Brent Pendergrass 22
Youkai watch-3329526.jpg Payn Katanori-oyakata 22
Youkai watch-3329638.jpg Grubsnitch Tsumamiguinosuke Chie Satō Alicyn Packard 23
Cristina Valenzuela 77-
Youkai watch-3329814.jpg B3-NK1 Karakuri Benkei Masahito Yabe Brent Pendergrass 23-27
Dokidoki-Yo-kai-Watch.jpg Terrorpotta Dokidoki Etsuko Kozakura TBA 37
Bakusoku-0.png Nekidspeed Bakusoku Masahito Yabe TBA 37
Youkai watch-3329422.jpg Tengloom Nekurama Tengu Naoki Bandō Paul Greenberg 24-26
Youkai watch-3329420.jpg Tengu Miho Hino Alicyn Packard 24
Youkai watch-3329670.jpg Espy Satori-chan Etsuko Kozakura 26
Yo-kai Peckpocket.png Peckpocket Yokodori Aya Endō Paul Greenberg 26-76
Kin.jpg Kin Vanilla Yamazaki Melissa Hutchison 25-47
Ghy.jpg Gin Mika Kanai Alicyn Packard 25-47
Mat.png K'mon-K'mon Matenshi Kiyono Yasuno ¿? 27
Pallysol.png Pallysol Karakasa-obake Kensuke Satō Melissa Hutchison 28
Rokurokubi.jpg Lady Longnek Rokurokubi Yuko Sasamoto 28
Boyclops.png Boyclops Hitotsume-kozō Miho Hino Alicyn Packard 28
Cristina Valenzuela 77-
Swelton.png Swelton Asekkaki Tadashi Miyazawa ¿? 29
Slicenrice.jpg Slicenrice Onigiri-zamurai Ryōta Asari Brent Pendergrass 29
Brokenbrella.jpg Brokenbrella Sakasakkasa Paul Greenberg 29
Pandle.jpg Pandle Buyōjinbō Yuko Sasamoto ¿? 30-76
Blizzaria fubukihime yo kai watch.jpg Blizzaria Fubuki-hime Aya Endō Cristina Valenzuela 81-
B uxJ-RU8AAbXG3.jpg Steve Jaws Sutību Jōzu Kensuke Satō Paul Greenberg 27-70
Directador.png Directator Misutā Mūbīn Tadashi Miyazawa Johnny Yong Bosch 31-35
Lie-in Heart.png Lie-In Heart Man'ojishi Kensuke Satō 32
Tony Azzolino 111-
3DS YOKAIWatch2 char SgtBur.jpg Sergeant Burly Burī-taichō Mototaka Segawa Brent Pendergrass 36-62
Diamanyan.png Dianyan Daiyanyan Naoki Bandō ¿? 40
Arena.png Sandmeh Sunao Ryōta Asari ¿? 45
1eb4e25e844a9b2c0bae4205c0cfa96b.jpg Count Zapaway Rimokon-kakushi Tadashi Miyazawa Brent Pendergrass 40-68
Mimikin.png Mimikin Monomannequin Kensuke Satō Paul Greenberg 44-68
Elderbloom.png Elder Bloom Hanasaka-jii Tadashi Miyazawa 43
Ambrosio.png Verygoodsir Sebastian Tomokazu Seki Joey D'Auria 38-63
Tomoko.png Snottle Hanahojin Tōru Nara ¿? 44-74
Jigajii-san.png Papa Windbag Jigajii-san Kensuke Satō Brent Pendergrass 33-57
Faux Kappa.jpg Faux Kappa Kappa 33
Yoodooit.png Yoodooit Hitomakasennin Masahito Yabe Paul Greenberg 34
Yokai-watch-2-26-06-2014-art-13 00CE015000723452.jpg Cricky Nechigaeru Ryōta Asari 35
Ittangomen.png So-Sorree Ittangomen Tōru Nara Joey D'Auria 30-32
Youkai watch-3329674.jpg Enerfly Zekkōchō Brent Pendergrass 34
Youkai watch-3329676.jpg Enefly Zekkōchō 34
Youkai watch-3329630.jpg Heheheel Warautsubo Tadashi Miyazawa ¿? 36
09f2676aca7260787db4dda313e8c2be.jpg Watermelnyan Suikanyan Etsuko Kozakura Johnny Yong Bosch 45
61006390c83b9c867ad955b3f0fff3d644fea72b hq.jpg Strawbnyan Ichigonyan Alicyn Packard
1107919ee3fb530ced96097f22645dd1.jpg Grapenyan Budōnyan
Espinyan.png Espinyan Togenyan
F2e1e60302d5c08699670741eab299a5.jpg Oranyan Mikanyan
Kiwinyan-Kiuinyan-Yo-kai-Watch.jpg Kiwinyan Kiuinyan
Alolan jibanyan by neosth2001-dacq673.jpg Melonyan Meron'nyan
Santa-0.png Ol' Saint Trick Santaku Rōshi Tōru Nara ¿? 49
Pandanoko.png Pandanoko Tsuchinoko Panda Yuko Sasamoto Brent Pendergrass 51-72
3e5c3310c15db889886b42d333731b73.jpg Venoct Orochi Johnny Yong Bosch 50-53
Pulishogun washogun by masterchristian-db1ll1d.jpg Washogun Arai Mashō Kensuke Satō ¿? 50
Artwork.yo-kai-watch-2.1234x1147.2016-06-16.34.png Brushido Katazukerai Kiyono Yasuno ¿? 50
20160203094944.png Messyrai Chirakashikerai Masahito Yabe ¿? 50
Mochismo.png Mochismo Chikaramochi Tadashi Miyazawa Brent Pendergrass 48
Flat,800x800,070,f.jpg Cutta-nah Daraketō Naoki Bandō 51
U.S.O.-Yo-kai-Watch.jpg Failian Yū Esu Ō Chie Satō ¿? 39
Spoilerina.pngRovinella spoilerina human form by masterchristian-db2pkae.jpg Spoilerina Netabarerīna Ryōko Nagata Jenn Wong 39
Okanenaidaa.png Supoor Hero Okanenaidaa Aya Endō ¿? 46
Unchikuma-Yo-kai-Watch.jpg Poofessor Unchikuma Yuko Sasamoto Johnny Yong Bosch 46
Brian Beacock 86-
CnRHfnLW8AA5zSK.jpg Shmoopie Kyuntarō Ryōko Nagata Alicyn Packard 41
Yoink.png Yoink Karipakkun Ryōta Asari ¿? 41
Drizzelda.png Drizzelda Ame-onna Yuko Sasamoto ¿? 52
Rayolight.png Ray O'Light Hare Otoko Kensuke Satō Johnny Yong Bosch 52
Tsuragawari-Yo-kai-Watch.jpg Jumbelina Tsuragawari Kiyono Yasuno ¿? 52
5a7eb75aa5fc1d0e04b190513c27777dcef6cccc hq.jpg Rubeus J Reddo Jei Kensuke Satō ¿? 53
Mighty Dog.jpg Hardy Hound Maitii Doggu Tōru Nara ¿? 53-64
Dromp.png Dromp Daidarabotchi ¿? 53-65
Noguio.png Leadoni Michibiki Chie Satō ¿? 53
Gashadokuro-Yo-kai-Watch.jpg Gutsy Bones Giyamandokuro Tōru Nara Brent Pendergrass 54
Pelovunque furdinand by masterchristian-db2f040.jpg Furdinand Fusafusan Ryōta Asari Joey D'Auria 54
Michael Sorich 85
Kieroto.png Wantston Urayamashirō Chie Satō Alicyn Packard 56
Pupsicle.png Pupsicle Samugari Yuko Sasamoto Melissa Hutchison 56
Dorobockun-Dorobokkun-Yo-kai-Watch (1)-0.jpg Gimme Dorobokkun Ryōta Asari Joey D'Auria 68
Akaname.png Tublappa Akaname Aya Endō Melissa Hutchison 58
3df1e0d6036e39cdd9d447287cfbbc053bb8cbee hq.jpg Master Oden Odenjin Tōru Nara Paul Greenberg 59
Suspicioni-Gishinanki-Yo-kai-Watch.jpg Suspicioni Gishin'anki Naoki Bandō Brent Pendergrass 59-75
Toiletta artwork.png Toiletta Hanako-san Ryōko Nagata Jenn Wong 60-69
Cristina Valenzuela 81-
Copperled.png Copperled Shikirunja Tadashi Miyazawa ¿? 60
Gamammoth-Gamanmosu-Yo-kai-Watch.jpg Enduriphant Gamanmosu Tōru Nara Joey D'Auria 61
Wydeawake3.jpg Wydeawake Tetsuya Miho Hino Melissa Hutchison 61
Capn Crash.png Cap'n Crash Daikōkai Senchō Kensuke Satō ¿? 57
Goldenyan.png Goldenyan Golnyan Yuko Sasamoto Joey D'Auria 67
Frazzel.png Frazzel Hiraishin Ryōta Asari Griffin Burns 86-
Papa-bolt.png Papa Bolt Rai Oton Tadashi Miyazawa Tony Azzolino 86-
Mama Aura.png Mama Aura Sei Okan Etsuko Kozakura Reba Buhr 86-
Whapir-Haku-Yo-kai-Watch.jpg Whapir Haku Chie Sato Cristina Valenzuela 88-
Statiking2.png Statiking Hatsudenshin Yuko Sasamoto Brian Beacock 98-
Download (18).jpg Statikid Seidenki Yuko Sasamoto ¿? 99-
B99e79e5a255485bf1f0b0391c68b13423633af9r1-1920-1080v2 hq.jpg Snippity Cricket Kirisugirisu ¿? ¿? 114-
Swelterrier Art.jpg Swelterrier Atsugaruru Yuko Sasamoto Griffin Burns 81-
Yokai Watch Nintendo 3DS.png Yo-Kai Watch ¿? Brent Pendergrass 1-76
Mqdefault-1.jpg Yo-Kai Book ¿? 1-76
Desktop 11-01-2017 20-13-59-949.jpg Sam Yurie Kobori Johnny Yong Bosch 13-76

Additional Voices

Episodes 1-76

Toonami Asia Dub

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Nate Adams.png Keita Amano Haruka Tomatsu Sarah Hauser
Jibanyan.png Jibanyan Etsuko Kozakura
Katie Forester.png Fumika Kodama Aya Endō Catherine Fu
Edward Archer.png Kanchi Imada Chie Satō
Barnaby Bernstein.png Gorota "Kuma" Kumashima Tōru Nara Michael C. Pizzuto
Lily Adams.png Keita's Mother Ryōko Nagata Catherine Fu
Aaron Adams.png Keita's Father Tōru Nara Michael C. Pizzuto
Mr-johnson-yo-kai-watch-3.57.jpg Homeroom Teacher Kazehiro Fusegawa
Komasan.png Komasan Aya Endō Sarah Hauser
Robonyan.png Robonyan Naoki Bandō Victor Lee

Cartoon Network Africa Dub

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Nate Adams.png Keita Amano Haruka Tomatsu Sahid Pabon


Date(s) Channel Country
2015-2019 Disney XD United States United States

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Version Contents Region Country
Manga Entertainment 2016 DVD.jpg Toonami Asia Episodes 1-13 4
Australia Australia
2 Volumes
2018 Episodes 1-26
4 Discs
NCircle Entertainment 2019 American Episodes 1-26 1
United States United States
2 Volumes

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