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Woman of the Dead is a 2022 Austrian drama series. It premiered in Austria on October 1, 2022 and was released to Netflix on January 5, 2023.


Blum is the owner of a funeral home in a renowned ski resort and the loving mother of two young children. Following her husband's accidental death, she is shaken to the very core of her existence. Soon, Blum realizes that her husband was murdered because he was in the process of uncovering terrible secrets. She sets out on a quest for revenge, but during her pursuit she turns from predator to prey.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Brunhilde Blum Anna Maria Mühe Kit Sheehan
Sarah Khaled
Massimo Ricci ¿? Joe Passaro
Johanna Schonborn ¿? Barbara Goodson
Kari Thaler ¿? David Atkinson
Reza Shadid Yoused Sweid Michael C. Pizzuto
Wilhelm Danzberger Robert Palfrader Ralph Guzzo
Nela ¿? Sarah Khaled
Herbert Juanig ¿? Christopher W. Jones
Dunja Romina Küper Gilli Messer
Ute Ricci ¿? Stacie Bongo
Bertl Puch Gregor Bloéb Richard Neil
Dr. Benjamin Ludwig ¿? Patrick Boylan
Franz Thelie ¿? JD
Tim ¿? Nathan Yi
Thomas Behringer ¿? Frank Sharp
Jakob Pichler Luis Vorbach Jacob Vigil
Zinovia ¿? Deneen Melody
Sebastian Hackspiel ¿? John Malone

Episodic Characters[]

Character Original Actor Dub Actor Episode
Mark Thaler ¿? Bret Porter 1
Mr. Pichler ¿? Tony Pasqualini
Jochen Stauber ¿? Ricardo Navas 1, 6
Dr. Benjamin Ludwig ¿? Patrick Boylan 1, 5
Heidi Schauerte ¿? Jenna Macari 2
Edwin Schonborn ¿? Ryan Colt Levy 2-3
Alex Schonborn ¿? Kieran Regan 2-4
Blakic ¿? Mark McClain Wilson 3
Moderator Markus ¿? Ricardo Navas 4
Herta Blum Felix Klare Karrie King
Gerda ¿? Deneen Melody 6
Elena ¿?
Mrs. Wallner ¿? Natalie Nicole
Badal Sarkissian ¿? Mark Chen
Young Edwin ¿? Kieran Regan

Additional Voices[]

Transmission via Streaming[]

Company Date Category Format Classification Country
Netflix-logo January 5, 2023 Netflix Original Series Digital TV-MA United States

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