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Walter Melon (Achille Talon) is a 1997 French animated series produced by Saban International Paris, loosely adapted from the comic series Achille Talon by Greg (Michel Regnier).


When all the world's most famous heroes are out of commission, who do you call? Walter Melon. With his assistant Bitterbug, he works as a "hero for hire."

Dubbing History

The first season was dubbed in Los Angeles. This season of the show was centered on parodies of famous books, movies and TV shows.

The second season, sometimes called Walter Melon Through History, was now focused on Walter taking over for famous historical figures. This season was dubbed in Vancouver, but the voice of Walter Melon was the same as in the first season as Brian George has dual Canadian-American citizenship.


Image Character Original Name Original Actor Dub Actor
Season 1 Season 2
Walter-melon.jpg Walter Melon Achille Talon Patrick Préjean Brian George
Bitterbug-wmelon.jpg Bitterbug Lefuneste Jean-François Kopf Jeremiah Nagle Samuel Vincent
Wmelon-sneero.jpg Sneero Le méchant Bernard Woringer Michael McConnohie Lee Tockar
Amelia-wmelon.jpg Amelia Amélia Martine Reigner Mari Devon ¿?

Additional Voices

Season One

  • Robert Axelrod - Laughing Lad (ep. 6b)
  • Steve Blum - Franz Polo (ep. 2a), Steve McKeen (ep. 2b), Rebel (ep. 13a), Hercules (ep. 14a), Minotaur (ep. 14a), Blabbela (ep. 17b), Dr. Stein (ep. 18a)
  • Cam Clarke - Mayor (ep. 13b), Picasso (ep. 15b), Stonecold (ep. 15b)
  • Richard Epcar - Robotroll (ep. 10b), Policeman (ep. 10b)
  • Eddie Frierson
  • Brian George - Pew (ep. 1b), Lookout (ep. 24b), Genie (ep. 26b)
  • Steve Kramer - Cardinal's Guard (ep. 9b)
  • R. Martin Klein - Jack (ep. 16b)
  • Lex Lang - Agent Moldy (ep. 25a)
  • Doug Lee - Sheriff Broody (ep. 13b), Master Squinter (ep. 15b), Doowop (ep. 15b)
  • Wendee Lee - Peter Pun (ep. 7b)
  • Michael McConnohie - Doc Brown (ep. 8b), Chiron (ep. 13a), Professor (ep. 15a), Van Gogh (ep. 15b), Steve (ep. 16b), Julius Iglesias (ep. 17a), John Smith (ep. 24b), Assistant Director Skintop (ep. 25a)
  • Daran Norris - Tape Voice (ep. 10a), Bystander (ep. 10b), Flash (ep. 10b), Corporal Fixey (ep. 19a), Narrator (ep. 19a), Irving (ep. 19b), Sir Dancelot (ep. 19b), Announcer (ep. 25b), Dr. Henry Jiggle (ep. 26a)
  • David Pires
  • Tony Pope - Mad Hatter (ep. 12b), Igorbeaver (ep. 18a)
  • Mike Reynolds
  • Brianne Siddall - Gnocchio (ep. 22b)
  • Michael Sorich - White Rabbit (ep. 12b)
  • Doug Stone - Bird (ep. 4a), Zero (ep. 4a)
  • Tom Wyner - Announcer (ep. 7a), Tartonion (ep. 9b)

Season Two


  • Episode 15, which features a parody of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, features Cam Clarke voicing parodies of his characters from the original 1987 series, Picasso and Stonecold (parodies of Leonardo and Rocksteady respectively).


Date(s) Channel Country
1998-1999 Fox Family United States United States
1998-2001 YTV Canada Canada
1999-2000 boyzChannel United States United States

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