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Wakfu is a French animated television series produced by Ankama Animation, based on the video game Wakfu. The first season of 26 episodes began airing on 30 October 2008, and new episodes would continue to air into January 2010 on France 3. The show is animated with Adobe Flash software; all the production is done in France except the special episodes "Noximilien l'Horloger" and "Ogrest, la Légende", both produced in Japan. The series is directed by Anthony "Tot" Roux, and character design is directed by Xavier "Xa" Houssin and Kim "Tcho" Etinoff.

Dubbing History

There had been several attempts to dub the series into English, with several pilot dubs being produced. In 2009, the first two episodes were shown for the very first time in English at the London MCM Expo,[1] this dub features a cast of Paris-based voice actors. In 2011, a dubbed version of episode 9 was shown at Anime Expo, this dub is believed to have been recorded at Ocean Productions in Vancouver Canada.[2] In addition of the Vancouver talent pool, this dub also features voice actors from Calgary; on Chinook Animation's website their portfolio lists working on 5 Wakfu episodes,[3] two voice actors from Calgary, Lucas Gilbertson and Doug de Nance, have even confirmed their involvement in the series.[4]

Dubbed versions of episodes 8 and 28 were originally available to watch on Planet Nemo Animation's website back in late 2013, this was an attempt to shop the series around in the hopes of an American network picking it up. Not much is known about this dub as these episodes have long since been removed.[5]

In early 2014, Ankama launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund an official English dub for the series, the campaign reached $483,524 out of an $80,000 goal.[6] The dub was recorded in the UK at Flix Facilities, Ltd. The dub cast mostly consists of British voice actors as well as a few North American expats. This dub covered nearly everything in the series, including the Specials, OVAs, Shorts and even the spin-off series Dofus: Kerub's Bazaar. In mid-2014 Netflix bought the distribution rights to the series, they released the first season on their servers in September of that year which marked the official debut of the dub. Netflix would also go on to co-produce the series' third season. The dub would also air on Toonami in Southeast Asia and on Cartoon Network in Australia.

Netflix covered the dub to Season 3 themselves, which was released on their servers in 2018. This dub switches to an entirely new voice cast based in Los Angeles. This dub strongly differs from the previous one, having several differences with how certain names or words are pronounced and many vocal performances sounding radically different than the previous cast.


Image Character Original Actor Dub Actor
(Episodes 1-52)
(Episodes 53-65)
Main Characters
Yugo.jpg Yugo Fanny Bloc Jules de Jongh Erika Harlacher
Amalia.jpg Amalia Sheran Sharm Adeline Chetail Jessica Bell Christine Marie Cabanos
Evangelyne.jpg Evangelyne Geneviève Doang Jules de Jongh Kira Buckland
Percedal.jpg Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove Thomas Guitard Ross Grant Kyle McCarley
Possessed Percedal.png Tom Clarke-Hill (ep. 1) N/A
Keir Stewart
Ruel.jpg Ruel Stroud Patrick Béthune Hugo Chandor Keith Silverstein
Child Ruel.png ¿? Jules de Jongh
(child; ep. 33)
Adamai.png Adamaï Dorothee Pousseo Joanna Ruiz Cristina Valenzuela
Older adamai.png Jérémy Prévost N/A Todd Haberkorn
Rubilax.png Rubilax Gérard Surugue Joe Mills (ep. 1) Doug Erholtz
Keir Stewart
Elely.png Elely Caroline Lallau N/A Cristina Valenzuela
Flopin.png Flopin Karl-Line Heller Marcy Edwards
Supporting Characters
Alibert.png Alibert Thierry Mercier Joe Mills N/A
King sheran sharm.png King Sheran Sharm Phillipe Dumond Tom Clarke-Hill Kirk Thornton
Armand.jpg Armand Sheran Sharm Cedric Dumond James Nickerson Doug Erholtz
Joris.jpg Master Joris Yoann Sover Eric Meyers N/A
Goultard.png Master Goultard Bruno Choël Andonis Anthony Ben Pronsky
Grufon.png Grufon
Damien Da Silva Taylor Clarke-Hill N/A
Grougaloragran.jpg Grougaloragran Benoît Allemane Tom Clarke-Hill
Cleophee.jpg Cleophee
Maryne Bretieaux Joanna Ruiz
Child Cleophee.png
Jules de Jongh
(child; ep. 20)
Elaine.png Elaine Narrowsmith Claire Baradat Julie-Ann Dean
Black ink.png Captain Black Ink Martin Brieuc Frank Stubbs
Phaeris.png Phaeris Jean Barney John Knowles
Prince adale.png Prince Adale Alexandre Gillet Eric Meyers
General mofette.png General Mofette Deborah Perret Jules de Jongh
Chamberlain toufdrue.png Chamberlain Tofdrew Gérard Surugue Eric Meyers
Canar.png Canar Arnaud Laurent Taylor Clarke-Hill
Renate.png Renate Damien Da Silva Eric Meyers
Nox.png Nox Benjamin Pascal Arthur Bostrom Kaiji Tang
Qilby.png Qilby Erik Colin (eps. 32-52) Joe Ochman
Laurent Morteau
(eps. 55-64)
Rushu.jpg Rushu Marc Alfos Jimmy Hibbert N/A
Anathar Antoine Tomé John Knowles (ep. 34)
Joe Mills (eps. 35, 50-51)
Jimmy Hibbert (ep. 46)
Ross Grant (eps. 49, 51)
Remington smisse.png Remington Smisse David Krüger Eric Meyers
Grany smisse.jpg Grany Smisse Mathias Kozlowski Tom Clarke-Hill
Oropo.png Oropo Franck Lorrain N/A Christopher Corey Smith
Dame echo.png Dame Echo Hélène Bizot Cherami Leigh
Poo.jpg Poo Pascal Casanova Kirk Thornton
Toxine.png Toxine Caroline Combes Reba Buhr
Coqueline.png Coqueline
Emmylou Homs Cassandra Lee Morris
Dark vlad.png Dark Vlad Cyrille Monge Ben Pronsky
Ush.png Ush Nathanel Alimi Joe Ochman
Black bump.png Black Bump Boris Rehlinger Kaiji Tang
Arpagone.png Arpagone Cathy Diraison Cindy Robinson
Dathura.png Dathura Celine Melloul
Sipho.png Sipho Jean-François Vlérick Keith Silverstein
Kali.png Kali ¿? Kira Buckland

Episodic Characters

Image Character Original Actor Dub Actor Eps.
Season 1
Jason.png Jason Bruno Magne Joe Mills 1-2
Mia.png Mia Mylene Maiorano Jules de Jongh (ep. 1)
Fiona Clarke (ep. 2)
Matou.png Matou ¿? Fiona Clarke
Tomato.png Tomato ¿?
Toto.png Toto Adeline Chetail Jules de Jongh
Soft oak.png Soft Oak Marc Cassot Keir Stewart 2, 13
The Black Crow.png
Kabrok / The Black Crow Richard Darbois 3
Miranda.png Miranda Claire Buyot (ep. 3) Fiona Clarke 3, 11
Diane Dassigny (ep. 11)
Princess eenca.png Princess Eenca Jessica Barrier Julie-Ann Dean 4
Princess ydalipe.png Princess Ydalipe
(Princess Jolie)
Audrey Le Bihan Fiona Clarke
Princess erpel.png Princess Erpel Caroline Pascal
Princess lela.png Princess Lela Celine Ronte Jules de Jongh
Papris.png Papris Arnaud Laurent Taylor Clarke-Hill 5
Ross Grant (various loops)
Pecora.png Pecora Marie-Eugenie Marechal Julie-Ann Dean
Mandhul.png Mandhul the Mighty Michel Vigné Keir Stewart
Taures.png Taure Bullies Gérard Surugue
Michel Vigné
Tom Clarke-Hill
Taylor Clarke-Hill
Joe Mills
Vampyro / Wagnar Benjamin Pascal Keir Stewart 6, 30
Ombrage.png Ombrage
Malvina Germain Fiona Clarke 6, 29-30, 45
Nausea.png Nausea Elisabeth Fargeot 7
Sybannak.png Sybannak Dolly Vanden
Xav the baker.png Xav the Baker William Coryn Taylor Clarke-Hill 8-9
Helene.png Helene Dolly Vanden Jules de Jongh 8
Xav's Daughter.png Xav's Daughter Fanny Bloc Fiona Clarke
Ratafouine.png Ratafouine
Gérard Surugue Tom Clarke-Hill 8-9
Chouquette.png Chouquette / Breadnought Elisabeth Fargeot Julie-Ann Dean 8
Coff-coff.png Coff-Coff Michel Mella Joe Mills
Mate-mate.png Mate-Mate Malvina Germain Fiona Clarke
Rich mcdeek.png Le Grand Gonard
(Rich McDeek the Great)
Serge Faliu Eric Meyers 9
Tolot.png Tolot Vincent Grass Joe Mills 10-12
Calben.png Calben Frederic Cerdal Eric Meyers
Posho.png Posho Michel Mella Tom Clarke-Hill
Kriss krass.png Kriss Krass Mathias Kozlowski Taylor Clarke-Hill 10-12
Mounu.png Mounu Vincent Grass Eric Meyers 10-12
Jay (wakfu).png Jay Yann Guillemot Keir Stewart
Jeremy (wakfu).png Jeremy Ross Grant
Benji.png Benji Joe Mills
Jactance.png Jactance Cedric Dumond Tom Clarke-Hill 10-12
Saule.png Saule Constantin Pappas Joe Mills 12, 14
Moon.png Moon Thomas Guitard Fiona Clarke 14
Botun.png Botun Gabriel Ledoze Tom Clarke-Hill
Captain (wakfu).png Captain Nathalie Regnier Joanna Ruiz 18
Smisse monde.png Smisse Monde David Krüger Eric Meyers
Queen Sheran Sharm.png Queen Sheran Sharm Jessica Barrier Fiona Clarke 20
Master drill.png Master Drill Pierre Hatet Eric Meyers 23
Lotie.png Lotie Jennifer Fauveau Fiona Clarke
Mica.png Mica Sauvane Delanoë Jules de Jongh
Season 2
Nanda.png Nanda ¿? Jules de Jongh 28
Bourlof the Butcher.png Bourlof the Butcher Patrick Béthune Jimmy Hibbert 29
Dragon pig.png Dragon Pig Keir Stewart 31
Moumoune.png Moumoune Perrette Pradier Julie-Ann Dean 33
Riglesse.png Riglesse Mael-Davan Soulas Jimmy Hibbert 33-34
Justice knight.png Justice Knight Vincent Ropion Taylor Clarke-Hill 34-35
Justice knight sr..png Justice Knight, Sr. Antoine Tomé Joe Mills
Tendynite.png Tendynite Nessym Guetat Jimmy Hibbert 36-38
Judge.png Judge Mentric Bernard Bollet Keir Stewart
Prosecutor.png Attorney Bernard Tiphaine Eric Meyers
The Masked Gobbowler.png
Maude / The Masked Gobbowler Karine Foviau Fiona Clarke 37-38
Actator.png Actator Antoine Tomé Tom Clarke-Hill
Taylor Clarke-Hill
(ep. 38; one loop)
Leol'brak.png Leol'Brak Patrick Béthune Jimmy Hibbert
Albarus.png Albarus Regis Lang Keir Stewart
Rhaboss.png Rhaboss Olivier Marina Joe Mills
Brakmar prince.png Brakmar Prince Remi Caillebot Arthur Bostrom 37-38, 43
The emporg.png Le Meuporg
(The Emporg)
Bruno Magne Keir Stewart 38
Pandiego.png Pandiego de la Vega Jean-Pierre Michael Joe Mills 39
Pandaniels.png Pandaniels Patrick Béthune Ross Grant
Phil harmonic.png Phil Harmonic Edgar Givry Frank Stubbs 40
The Voice Thief.png
Ardwin / The Voice Thief Paolo Domingo Taylor Clarke-Hill
Wa wabbit.png Wa Wabbit Christophe Lemoine Jimmy Hibbert 41
Lenald.png Lenald Benoit Du Pac Tom Clarke-Hill
Bordegann.png Bordegann Constantin Pappas 42
Alia.png Alia Camille Donda Jules de Jongh
Louca.png Louca Jean Jacques Nervest Keir Stewart
Clarette.png Clarette Malvina Germain Ross Grant
Chief Cra.png Chief Cra Patrick Noerie Tom Clarke-Hill 43
Cra matriarch.png The Council of Twelve Dorothee Jemma Fiona Clarke
Feca representative 1.png Damien Da Silva Eric Meyers
Feca representative 2.png Gwenaelle Jegou Julie-Ann Dean
Xelor representative.png Gérard Surugue Eric Meyers
Ecaflip representative.png Constantin Pappas Joe Mills
Osamodas representative.png Jean Jacques Nervest Ross Grant
Eric Meyers (two loops)
Iop representative.png Loic Houdre Keir Stewart
Queen daihitsu.png Malvina Germain Julie-Ann Dean
Eniripsa representative.png Claire Baradat Fiona Clarke
Sacrier representative.png Gérard Surugue Taylor Clarke-Hill
Sram representative.png Patrick Béthune Tom Clarke-Hill
Enutrof representative.png Martin Brieuc John Knowles
Leon zitrool.png Leon Zitrool Frank Stubbs 44
Felinor.png Felinor
(Boris Eca)
Loic Houdre Tom Clarke-Hill 45
Shin-breaker.png Shin-Breaker Jean Jacques Nervest Fiona Clarke
Second in command.png Second in Command Erik Colin Keir Stewart
Treasurer.png Treasurer Remi Caillebot Eric Meyers
Bellaphones.png Bellaphones Anouck Hautbois Fiona Clarke
Jules de Jongh
Sho-bubu.png Sho-Bubu Arnaud Arbessier John Knowles 48
Melo.png Melo Claire Baradat Fiona Clarke
Cassis.png Cassis Martial Le Minoux Frank Stubbs
Balthazar.png Balthazar Gérard Surugue 52
Shinonome.png Shinonome ¿? Julie-Ann Dean
Season 3
Aurora.png Aurora Marie Facundo Cherami Leigh 53
Aster.png Ashdur Patrick Béthune Joe Ochman

Additional Voices

Episodes 53-65

Pilot Dubs

Image Character Original Actor Dub Actor
2009 Pilot Dub
(Episodes 1-2)
2011 Pilot Dub
(Episode 9+)
Yugo.jpg Yugo Fanny Bloc Barbara Weber-Scaff Jillian Michaels
Amalia.jpg Amalia Sheran Sharm Adeline Chetail Sharon Mann Angie Beers
Evangelyne.jpg Evangelyne Geneviève Doang Jodi Forrest Britt McKillip
Percedal.jpg Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove Thomas Guitard David Gasman Lucas Gilbertson
Ruel.jpg Ruel Stroud Patrick Béthune Paul Bandey Don Brown
Rubilax.png Rubilax Gérard Surugue Matthew Géczy Doug de Nance
Alibert.png Alibert Thierry Mercier N/A
Grufon.png Grufon Damien Da Silva N/A ¿?
Rich mcdeek.png Le Grand Gonard
(Rich McDeek the Great)
Serge Faliu Jonathan Love
Xav the baker.png Xav the Baker William Coryn ¿?
Ratafouine.png Ratafouine Gérard Surugue ¿?


  • Benjamin Diskin and Cassandra Lee Morris initially voiced Percedal and Evangelyne respectively in Ankama's Kickstarter trailer.
  • The voice actors for a majority of characters aren't really clear since the dub credits would often just credit the main cast leaving several voice actors uncredited.
  • A majority of the voice cast are actually British accented voice actors attempting American accents.
  • Despite Grufon being re-named Skribble in the dub, the credits still list him by the original name.
  • Arthur Bostrom and Ross Grant are often miscredited as Skribble and Grany respectively.
  • Anathar's voice is very inconsistent in the dub, Joe Mills even doing three different kinds of voices for the character.
    • A similar situation also occurs with various extras, sometimes switching voice actors in the same episode and even the same scene.
  • Canar and Renate's names are misattributed to each other in the dub.


Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
Beyond Home Entertainment 2014-2015 DVD.jpg Episodes 1-52 4
Australia Australia
2 Volumes

Transmission via Streaming

Company Date Category Format Classification Country
Netflix-logo.png September 13, 2014
(Season 1)
TV Series / Netflix Original Series Digital 13+ United States United States
November 03, 2015
(Season 2)
April 06, 2018
(Season 3)

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