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Vincent Corazza (born December 6, 1972) is a Canadian-born actor known for playing the role of Alden Jones in the television series Braceface and Darien Shields/Tuxedo Mask in the anime Sailor Moon.


Corazza began acting at the age of 10. His credits include the 2003 feature film, Owning Mahowny as well as the television movie The Cheetah Girls for the Disney Channel. Other credits include guest appearances on The Famous Jett Jackson, 24, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, JAG and Without a Trace, and a December 2006 appearance on the daytime drama General Hospital.

Notable vocal/animation credits include Alden on Braceface, Tuxedo Mask (CWi dub) and Alan (DiC dub) of Sailor Moon, Sam Sparks of Rescue Heroes and Shickadance of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. He was also the voice of U.B.C.S. mercenary Carlos Oliveira in the PlayStation video game Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, and the voice of Zexion in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

Corazza played the lead animated character of "Slim" in an IMAX feature entitled Adventures in Animation 3D.

Corazza also had a role in the horror movie Bless the Child.

Corazza acted as Harry Bright on the US National tour of Mamma Mia!, and also was a part of the original Broadway production of Rocky in 2014. In 2015, he took on the role of the male lead in Music Theater of Wichita's stage adaptation of Big Fish (July, 2015). Corazza plays the part of Edward Bloom, a father who raised his son on fantastic and exaggerated stories


Anime Dubbing


  • Sailor Moon R (1993-1994) - Darien Shields / Tuxedo Mask (eps. 73-89), King Endymion, Alan Granger (DiC Dub)
  • Sailor Moon S (1994-1995) - Darien Shields / Tuxedo Mask, Prince Endymion (CWi Dub)
  • Sailor Moon SuperS (1995-1996) - Darien Shields / Tuxedo Mask, Prince Endymion (CWi Dub)
  • Beyblade (2001-2003) - Steven Jones, Robert Jürgens (1st voice; eps. 13-51), Jose (ep. 23), Passenger #2 (ep. 30), Rescue #1 (ep. 32), Train Guy #1 (ep. 32), Vampire (ep. 32), Guard (ep. 44)

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