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Villainous is a Mexican animated series created by Alan Ituriel. It was produced by AI Animation Studios for Cartoon Network Latin America.

The animated series premiered on October 10, 2021. The English dub was released exclusively on HBO Max Latin America on November 24, 2022. It was released on Max in the United States on May 23, 2023.


Image Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Main Characters
Black Hat V Black Hat Alan Ituriel
Dr. Flug V Dr. Flug Todd Asayer (pilot) Yian Ruiz
Pepe Toño Macías
Demencia V Demencia Melaney Sems (pilot) Cindy Perez
Meli G
5.0.5. V 5.0.5 Mark Fischbach
Secondary Characters
Miss Heed V Miss Heed Cristina Hernández Katherine Clavelo
Emilia V Emilia Lourdes Arruti Jackie Rodriguez
Black Hot V Black Hot Alan Ituriel Mark Fischbach
Goldheart villanos Goldheart Edson Matus ¿?

Episodic Characters[]

Character Original Actor Dub Actor Episode
Penumbra Amanda Rose (pilot) Jinon Deeb 1
Sunblast Herschel Hatcher IV (pilot) Roly Gutierrez
Super-Sidekick ¿? Jason Kesser
Parking Officer ¿? Doug Turkel
Bulldozer Diego Valenzuela David Steel 2
Wilma Leyla Rangel Ghia Burns
Silent House Irwin Daayán Alex Teixeira
Larry Betzabé Jara Sahid Pabon
Ringworm Stephan Schöer Silva Sean Davis
Adelita Guerrero Magdalena Leonel Margarita Coego 3
El Valiente Guillermo Coria Jose Aparicio
Mascara Macabra Humberto Vélez
Nahual Roberto Rodríguez Sahid Pabon
Virus Raúl Anaya Sean Davis 4
Airlock Rebeca Patiño Doug Turkel
Jinon Deeb
Fernanda Miranda Erika Buenfil Patricia Azan
Fernando Armando ¿? Jose Aparicio
EWE Mauricio Pérez Sahid Pabon
UWU Pablo Moreno Katherine Clavelo
Stallion ¿? Jason Kesser
Dr. Flex Pepe Toño Macías Roly Gutierrez 5
Violencia Meli G Connie Fernandez
G-Lo Alicia Vélez Yenni Ann
Bicep Daniel del Roble Roly Gutierrez
Frankie Foster Jocelyn Robles ¿?
Ghoul Alejandro Orozco Jason Kesser 6
Dark Phantom Pascual Meza Sahid Pabon


  • The original shorts, and the original version of the pilot episode (where they were originally produced in English and later dubbed into Spanish) had a different voice cast, done at TRACKS Productions in Atlanta, Georgia, however, only Alan Ituriel and Mark Fischbach reprised their roles as Black Hat and 5.0.5, with the rest of the cast being replaced by voice actors from Miami, Florida.
    • Originally, Todd Asayer and Melanie Sems were contacted to reprise their roles, however, due to different factors they declined.
    • The quality of Alan Ituriel's dialogue as Black Hat contrasts with the rest of the voices, probably because he records his dialogue remotely from Mexico.
  • The english redubbed version of pilot episode had lines changed from the original english version as well.
    • Aside from the scene where Black Hat finds Flug's performance mediocre, Alan Ituriel is the only actor in the original dub whose initial recordings were left intact.
    • 5.0.5.'s voice was muted in the redubbed english version of the episode.
  • Episodes 2 and 3 are the only episodes to include mexican idioms, including Dr. Flug briefly referring to Black Hat as "jefecito" (boss).
  • Towards the end of episode 2, the main We Bare Bears characters make a cameo. While in Spanish they were voiced by their voice actors in spanish, while in english they are left mute.
  • Towards the end of of episode 3, in spanish version Mascala Macabra tells 5.0.5. that he sounds like a YouTuber, in reference to the work of his voice actor, Mark "Markiplier" Fischbach. In english it was translated as "I don't speak bear. Where are your subtitles?".
  • Although Mark Fischbach reprised his role as Black Hot in episode 5 as well as in the shorts, he did not appear in the dub credits, possibly due to union restrictions.
  • In episode 4, Dr. Flug's favorite show, Código Guajolote (which is a reference to his spanish voice actor, José Macías) is adapted as Codename Guajolote, possibly in reference to Codename: Kids Next Door.
  • Although in the original Spanish version of episode 5, the voice actors of Dr. Flug and Demencia also voice their muscular clones, in the dubbing they are voiced by different actors.
    • In the same episode, Frankie Foster and characters from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends makes a cameo, but her original voice actress did not voice her. However, her dialogue was mute in the episode, although this mistake was later fixed.
  • Bulldozer and Violencia were wrongly credited as Bulldozing and Swolencia.

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