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Vexille (ベクシル 2077日本鎖国, Bekushiru 2077 Nihon sakoku, lit. "Vexille: 2077 Japanese Isolation") is a 2007 Japanese CGI anime film, written, directed, and edited by Fumihiko Sori, and features the voices of Meisa Kuroki, Yasuko Matsuyuki, and Shosuke Tanihara.

At the 60th Locarno International Film Festival, where Vexille made its world premiere, the film was sold to 75 countries, including the United States-based distributor, Funimation Entertainment; however since that time the number increased to 129 countries.


In an alternate 21st century, the robotics industry undergoes a period of rapid advancement worldwide. By the year 2050, Japan has firmly established itself as the leader in robotic technology and manufacture with Daiwa Heavy Industries. As the technology evolves to include robotic enhancements to the human body, the blurring of the line between man and machine triggers a sudden shift in world opinion. In response, the U.N. passes a unilateral ban of further research and development on robotics in 2067. Japan fiercely objects to this ban, but is unable to prevent its passage. In protest, Japan withdrew from international politics and chose to pursue a policy of high-tech national isolation. While only trade continues, Japan disappears from the world scene.

Ten years later, a series of bizarre incidents lead the American technology police agency SWORD to believe that Japan has concealed extensive development of banned technologies through the use of the RACE network. SWORD dispatches a unit of special agents to infiltrate Japan and gather intelligence on the country. Vexille, a veteran agent among the group, uncovers the horrifying truth behind the ten years of isolation.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Lt. Cdr. Vexille Serra Meisa Kuroki Colleen Clinkenbeard
Cdr. Leon Fayden Shosuke Tanihara Travis Willingham
Maria Yasuko Matsuyuki Christine Auten
Zack Takaya Kuroda Christopher Sabat
Saito Akio Ōtsuka Jason Douglas
Takashi Romi Park Luci Christian
Ryo Takahiro Sakurai Illich Guardiola
Kisaragi Toshiyuki Morikawa J. Michael Tatum
Taro Tetsuya Kakihara Todd Haberkorn
Captain Borg Takayuki Sugō John Swasey
Saga Kenji Takahashi Phil Parsons
Chairman Itakura Jirō Saitō Kent Williams
Murata ¿? Mike McFarland
Narrator ¿? Sean Hennigan

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