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Valley of Tears (שעת נעילה Sha‘at Ne'ila) is an Israeli television mini-series directed by Yaron Zilberman based on a screenplay by Ron Leshem and starring Aviv Alush, Joy Rieger and Lior Ashkenazi. Development of the series lasted about a decade and its filming took place over 52 days starting on July 21, 2019. The premiere episode of the first season aired on Kan 11 on October 19, 2020. It was subsequently licensed by HBO Max, airing on November 12, 2020.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Meni Ben-Dror Lior Ashkenazi TBA
Yoav Mazoz Aviv Alush Isaac Robinson-Smith
Yoni Ben-Dror Lee Biran James Simenc
Jackie Alush Imri Biton TBA
Marco Dolzi Ofer Hayun TBA
Melakhi Bardugo Maor Schwizer Dylan Ramsey
Nimrod Caspi Omer Perlman TBA
Dafna Hirshberg Joy Rieger TBA
Avinoam Shapira Shahar Tavoch TBA
Tamir Tom Avni TBA
Aviram Ido Bartal TBA

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Transmission via Streaming[]

Company Date Category Format Classification Country
HBO Max November 12, 2020 HBO Max Original Digital 16+ United States

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