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Urotsukidoji II: Legend of the Demon Womb (真・超神伝説うろつき童子 魔胎伝, Shin Chōjin Densetsu Urotsukidōji: Mataiden) is an adult OVA series based on the erotic horror manga by Toshio Maeda. The first episode was released in Japan during 1990 with the second following in 1991. Demon Womb received a theatrical edition in 1993 much like its predecessor, Legend of the Overfiend, with English dubs for both provided by Central Park Media in November of that year. The dubs were based off the movie cuts and released in America under CPM's adult animation label, Anime 18.

The second installment focuses mainly on the machinations of Faust Münchhausen II in his plot to revive the Kyō-Ō (Evil King), an ancient malevolent being whose existence is said to predate even the legend of the Chōjin (Overfiend) by a whole millennium (4,000 years). Münchhausen desires revenge against all humanity after his father, a scientist employed by the Third Reich, was executed for failing to summon the Kyō-Ō before Adolf Hitler himself, and requires Kyō-Ō's power to enact said vengeance and kill the Chōjin. Alongside the rogue majin (demon) Kohōki, Münchhausen sets his eyes on the Kyō-Ō's current host Takeaki Kiryū, who happens to be the cousin of the Chōjin's host Tatsuo Nagumo, and begins to orchestrate the former's downfall in order to bring about Kyō-Ō's awakening. Megumi Amano also takes a more central role as she slowly develops romantic feelings for Takeaki that ultimately culminates in a tragic battle atop the Shinjuku Skyscrapers, in which her brother Amano Jyaku also becomes embroiled.

Dubbing History[]

Both Legend of the Demon Womb and Legend of the Overfiend were both dubbed in 1992 under Central Park Media's Anime 18 label, the division being originally made solely to release the two titles. The dubs were based off of the theatrical editions of the series which left 45 minutes overall of the graphically sexual content removed. Even then, however, the majority of the American dubbers found the material so repulsive that they were credited with pseudonyms.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Takeaki Kiryuu Takeaki Kiryū / Kyō-Ō Yasunori Matsumoto Jacques LeCann
Takeaki Demon
Megumi II Megumi Amano Yumi Takada Stacie Lynn Renna
Amano Jyaku II Amano Jyaku Tomohiro Nishimura Greg Wolfe
Tatsuo Nagumo II Tatsuo Nagumo / Chōjin Hirotaka Suzuoki Bill Timoney
Nagumo Demon II
Akemi Itou II Akemi Itō Yūko Mizutani Susan Meadows
Kuroko II Kuroko Kazunari Tanaka Sondra Weil
Faust Munchhausen II Faust Münchhausen II Demon Kakka Rome Elliot
Munchhausen Young Kappei Yamaguchi
Kohouki Kohōki Norio Wakamoto Brian O'Neill
Mimi II Mimi Kotono Mitsuishi Susan Meadows
Munchhausen I Faust Münchhausen I Rokurō Naya
Sondra Weil
Takeshi Aono
(Movie Edition)
Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler Takashi Taguchi Ron Kalish
Takeaki Father Mr. Kiryū
Takeaki Mother Mrs. Kiryū Yuriko Yamaguchi Sondra Weil
Nagumo Father Mr. Nagumo Kenichi Ogata Bill Timoney
Nagumo Mother Mrs. Nagumo Atsuko Mine Simone Grant
German Teacher Academy Teacher
Academy Principal Academy Principal Takashi Nagasako Brian O'Neill
Old Beastman Warrior Old Man-Beast Warrior Greg Wolfe
Narrator Mugihito N/A

Additional Cast[]

  • Nicole D'Incecco - Call Girl
  • Rome Elliot - Airport Security Guard, Karate Sensei, Male Anchor, Navigator
  • Simone Grant - Radio Announcer, TNN Anchor
  • Ron Kalish - Club Owner, Hitler's Adjutant, Karate Club Member A, Paramedic A
  • Jacques LeCann - University Student A
  • Kathleen McNearney - Aida's Lover, Dancer A, Ferris Wheel Victim, Kohōki's Offering, Sacrifice
  • Susan Meadows - Dancer B, University Student C
  • Brian O'Neill - Bomber Captain
  • Stacie Lynn Renna - Air Stewardess
  • Bill Timoney - Masahiko Aida, Bomber Pilot, Nazi Soldiers, Co-Pilot, Karate Club Member B, University Student B
  • Sondra Weil - Cobra Demon, Karate Club Walla, Kuroko Tribespeople, Modern Sacrifice, University Student D
  • Greg Wolfe - Paramedic B

Video Releases[]

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
Anime 18 1993 VHS Urotsukidoji II: Legend of the Demon Womb NTSC United States United States
Urotsukidoji: Perfect Collection


  • The majority of the English cast used pseudonyms for the cast scroll due to their strong aversion to the content of this series and Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend. Other cast members such as Simone Grant (Barbie O'Buoy), Ron Kalish, Kathleen McNearney, and Nicole D'Incecco (Camille Way-Pene) weren't credited at all:
    • Bill Timoney -> Danny Bush
    • Susan Meadows -> Rebel Joy
    • Greg Wolfe -> Christopher Courage
    • Stacie Lynn Renna -> Lucy Morales
    • Jacques LeCann -> Jack Lacan
    • Rome Elliot -> Bick Balse
    • Brian O'Neill -> Pat McGroyn
  • Greg Wolfe replaces Christopher Nicholas Yates as Amano Jyaku though the pseudonym "Christopher Courage" is still used from the previous installment.
  • Brian O'Neill, voice of Kohōki, goes by "Pat McGroyn" instead of "Herb Hummel" from the first series.
  • Bill Timoney this time only goes by "Danny Bush" as the voice of Nagumo with "Randy Woodcock" nowhere in the credits.
  • Some members of the Japanese cast were replaced from the previous installment such as Megumi going from Maya Okamoto to Yumi Takada and Kuroko changing from Tsutomu Kashiwakura to Kazunari Tanaka. In addition, Yūko Mizutani takes over from Yoko Asagami as Akemi.
  • Nagumo in his demon form is voiced by his regular actor Hirotaka Suzuoki instead of Daisuke Gōri as in Legend of the Overfiend.
  • For whatever reason, Münchhausen I's voice differs between the OVA and theatrical editions. Rokurō Naya plays him in the former while in the latter Takeshi Aono provides his voice.

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