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Urahara is a 2017 anime based on the web comic "PARK Harajuku: Crisis Team!" It ran in Japan from October 4, 2017 to December 20, 2017. Funimation Entertainment produced an English dub, which ran on Funimation's streaming service from October 31, 2017 to January 16, 2018 before being released on home video on December 18, 2018.


Several years from now, the great cities of the world will be destroyed by creatures from another planet. Their next target is…Tokyo's famed Harajuku district! Only a trio of treasure-seeking shop girls can hope to save the day. But first, do they have what it takes to become members of the PARK Harajuku: Crisis Team?


Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Main Characters
Mari Shirako Sumire Uesaka Alexis Tipton
Rito Sudo Luna Haruna Julie Shields
Kotoko Watatsumugi Manaka Iwami Sarah Wiedenheft
Misa Maruno Kokoa Amano Monica Rial
Secondary Characters
Ebifurya Yasunori Matsumoto Anthony Bowling
Sayumin Riho Iida Tia Ballard
Minor Characters
Ebi Yasunori Matsumoto Christopher Wehkamp
DJ Aoyama Reina Scully Alex Moore

Episodic Characters[]

Character Seiyū Dub Actor Episode
News Anchor Marie Ōi Sara Ragsdale 1
Customer Yuki Sorami Emily Fajardo 4
Shirako Sister A Arisa Date Amber Lee Connors
Shirako Sister B Chitose Morinaga Emily Fajardo
Shirako Sister C Yuri Yoshida Rachel Michelle Thompson
Midori Madoka Asahina 6
Kotoko's Father Shoto Kashii Jeremy Inman 7
Kotoko's Mother Misa Ishii Samantha Herek

Additional Voices[]

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