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Undersea Encounter (海底大戦争 愛の20,000マイル Kaite Daisenso: Ai no Nisen Miles) is a TV special produced by Tatsunoko Productions for Nippon TV in 1981. In the United States, the film was distributed by Harmony Gold, reducing the original 90 minute film to 71 minutes, but retaining the original soundtrack.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Submarine Ricky 2.jpg Ricky Junichi Inoue Bryan Cranston
Submarine Ben.jpg Ben Masato Ibu Robert V. Barron
Submarine Sofia.jpg Sofia Yūko Kitamura Rebecca Forstadt
Submarine Nemo.jpg Captain Nemo Ryo Kurosawa Mike Reynolds
Submarine Dalius.jpg Emperor Dalius Seizō Katō
Submarine Johnson.jpg Johnson Ikuo Nishikawa Robert Axelrod
Submarine Smith.jpg Smith Kōhei Miyauchi Ted Lehmann
Submarine Mother.jpg Sofia's Mother
Narrator Robert V. Barron

Additional Voices


  • The English dub of the film only ever aired on various TV stations around the United States, and was never released on VHS afterwards. Currently, the only known taping of it is from a Russian airing with a Russian voice-over on top of the English dub.

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