Tristan Alexander MacAvery (born August 16, 1958) is an American voice actor and author.


MacAvery was born in Petersburg, Virginia, in 1958. He began creating stories shortly thereafter; his earliest work, "Gubbgrgoofl," was lost when his mother washed the blanket in question. Most of the stories that he wrote during his high school years have been destroyed or are in the hands of blackmailers waiting for Tristan's ascension to the best-seller lists. His first publication was a short story, "Waiting for Unicorns," in Phantasm magazine in the fall of 1977. The publisher didn't know what he had begun and has long since gone into hiding. After several false starts, his novel "Divine Intervention" was published in 2001, followed quickly by five more books. More than a score of screenplays have been produced through ADV Films and Odyssey Anime, and he has published short stories, articles, comedic rants and blogs in newspapers, magazines, and websites all over the world, despite the world's attempts to contain the contagion. Tristan's choice of genre is varied - science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, mystery, and more - but his unifying quality is the richness of characters and how their interactions tell the story that they were brought forth to portray. Star-crossed lovers, hapless employees, poets who see unicorns, ordinary people who save a world, loyal friends investigating the death of one of their own, and aliens who mate with Volkswagens... comic, tragic, lost, found, unwitting, plotting, past, present, or future, his characters will entertain, educate, enlighten, and entrance. Something of a rolling stone, Tristan currently lives in Central New York state, where unwitting passers-by could end up in his books at any time. He's considered to be mostly harmless.


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