Transformers: The Headmasters (トランスフォーマー ザ★ヘッドマスターズ Toransufōmā: Za Heddomasutāzu) is a Japanese anime television series that is a part of the Transformers franchise.

The series was created for Japan as a continuation of the American animated series Transformers (much of which was animated in Japan) as the series proved to still be very popular there, airing from July 1987 to March 1988 on Nippon TV.

Dubbing History

The Headmasters was dubbed into English in Hong Kong by the dubbing company; Omni Productions, for broadcast on the Malaysian TV channel, RTM1, and later the Singapore satellite station, StarTV, where it attained greater fame. Known variously as the "RTM1 dub", the "Star TV dub" and the "Singaporean dub", Omni's dub has gone down in infamy for it's extremely poor voice acting, mistranslations and incorrect names.

Clearly produced by a small number of people with little knowledge of the source material, the English translation is...rudimentary at best. Although it is often touted as being wholly inaccurate, it actually manages to render the intent of the dialog correctly more times than not. It is, however, the way in which it proceeds to mangle the translation so much with clumsy English, run-on sentences, non sequitur lines and just generally inappropriate language that creates its distinctively surreal and laughable qualities.

Generally, the dub employs American names and terminology, but in some instances, the scriptwriter(s?) were apparently unable to find the correct equivalent, leading to the dub's single most famous attribute: its collection of new names for various characters and concepts. Some of these names are based on a misinterpretation of the Japanese pronunciation of the names, and some are pulled straight out of thin air. The process proved especially difficult for the writers when the characters had no American equivalents.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Headmasters (Autobots)
Fortress Maximus Fortress Maximus Hideyuki Hori Simon Broad
Chromedome Naoki Tatsuta Jack Murphy
Brainstorm Ryōichi Tanaka Pierre Tremblay
Hardhead Masato Hirano Simon Broad
Pierre Tremblay
(ep. 18)
Highbrow Michitaka Kobayashi Simon Broad
(eps. 1-21, 26)
Pierre Tremblay
(eps. 24-25, 27-35)
Headmasters (Decepticons)
Scorponok Banjō Ginga Jack Murphy
Mindwipe - Headmasters Mindwipe Naoki Tatsuta Pierre Tremblay
Skullcruncher - Headmasters Skullcruncher Kōji Totani Simon Broad
Pierre Tremblay
(ep. 18)
Weirdwolf - Headmasters Weirdwolf Katsuji Mori Simon Broad
Optimus Prime - Headmasters Optimus Prime Tesshō Genda Pierre Tremblay
Rodimus Prime / Hot Rod Hiroya Ishimaru
Wheelie - Headmasters Wheelie Kazue Komiya ¿?
Ultra Magnus Hōchū Ōtsuka Jack Murphy
Blurr Ken Yamaguchi Simon Broad
Arcee Yōko Kawanami ¿?
Kup Osamu Saka Rik Thomas
Jazz Masato Hirano Pierre Tremblay
Galvatron - Headmasters Galvatron Seizō Katō Rik Thomas
Sixshot - Headmasters Sixshot Michihiro Ikemizu Simon Broad
Soundblaster Headmasters Soundblaster Issei Masamune Pierre Tremblay
Monsterbots (Autobots)
Grotusque Masaharu Satō Pierre Tremblay
Humans & Other Species
Daniel Witwicky Tomiko Suzuki ¿?
Spike - Headmasters Spike Witwicky Masashi Ebara Jack Murphy
Carly - Headmasters Carly Kazue Komiya ¿?
Narration Issei Masamune Rik Thomas


  • Pierre Tremblay's roles were previously misattributed to Hong Kong voice actor John Culkin.
  • The female voice actresses are unknown. It is likely that there are two as one has a broad Celtic accent.


Date(s) Channel Country
1990 RTM1 Malaysia Flag Malaysia
1990's StarTV Singapore Flag Singapore
2007 AnimeCentral United Kingdom Flag United Kingdom

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
Maverick Entertainment 2002 DVD Episodes 1-6 2
United Kingdom Flag United Kingdom
1 disc
Metrodome 2005 The Complete Series
4 discs
Madman Entertainment 2007 The Complete Series 4
Australia Flag Australia
4 discs

Despite demand from U.S. fans, the Shout! Factory releases of Headmasters and the other Japan-only Transformers series do not include the Omni Productions audio tracks, due to concerns from Hasbro about their quality.

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