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Toonami Studios & Hasbro Presents Transformers: Cybertron, known as Transformers: Galaxy Force (トランスフォーマー ギャラクシーフォース) in Japan, is an anime series co-produced in Japan and the United States and animated by Gonzo. The series is the successor to Transformers: Energon, and is the final entry in the Unicron Trilogy.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Dub Name Original Name
Professor-lucy-suzuki-transformers-cybertron-1.82.jpg Lucy Suzuki Machiko Toyoshima Tabitha St. Germain
Bud-hansen-transformers-cybertron-6.64.jpg Bud Mayumi Kurokawa Ryan Hirakida
Lori..png Lori Rika Morinaga Sarah Edmondson
Chiara Zanni
(eps 2, 27-28)
Coby-transformers-cybertron-9.44.jpg Coby Yuki Tamaki Samuel Vincent
Optimus Prime.png Optimus Prime Galaxy Convoy Taiten Kusunoki Garry Chalk
Galaxy-Optimus.jpg Optimus Prime Super Mode Galaxy Convoy Super Mode
Savage Claw Mode.jpg Savage Claw Mode Liger Convoy
United optimus sonicwingmode.jpg Sonic Wing Mode Sonic Convoy
Hotshot-transformers-cybertron-80.9.jpg Hot Shot Exillion Daisuke Hirakawa Kirby Morrow
Cybertron Defense Hot Shot.jpg Exigeyser
Red-alert-transformers-cybertron-1.69.jpg Red Alert First Aid Yasuyuki Kase Brian Dobson
Cybertron Defense Red Alert.jpg First Gunner
Scattorshot-transformers-cybertron-6.59.jpg Scattorshot Backpack Tarusuke Shingaki Richard Ian Cox
Cybertron Defense Scattorshot.jpg Backgild
Jetfire-transformers-cybertron-8.56.jpg Jetfire Dreadrock Hideo Ishikawa Brian Drummond
Landmine-transformers-cybertron-54.4.jpg Landmine Guardshell Tomoyuki Shimura Paul Dobson
Vector-prime-transformers-cybertron-4.67.jpg Vector Prime Shō Hayami Richard Newman
Cybertron Wing Saber.jpg Wing Saber Sonic Bomber Takayasu Usui Peter Kelamis
Overhaul-transformers-cybertron-2.61.jpg Overhaul Jackshot Hisao Egawa Paul Dobson
Leobreaker-transformers-cybertron-3.34.jpg Leobreaker Ligerjack Dave Ward
MiniCon Jolt.jpg Jolt Hop Hōko Kuwashima Brian Drummond
Velocitron Native Autobots/Speedia Native Cybertrons
Override-transformers-cybertron-12.jpg Override Nitro Convoy Jin Domon Lisa Ann Beley
Nicole Oliver
Brakedown-transformers-cybertron-3.68.jpg Brakedown Autolander Kenichi Mochizuki Michael Dobson
CGIClockerModel.jpg Clocker Skids Nanae Katō Brian Dobson
Animatron Native Autobots/Animatross Native Cybertrons
CYB snarl boxart.jpg Snarl Fang Wolf Yuto Kazama Scott McNeil
Cyb Ep11 Backstop Intro.jpg Backstop Saidos Masahiko Tanaka
Earth Native Autobots/Earth Native Cybertrons
Evac dvd.jpg Evac Live Convoy Hiroaki Hirata Bill Mondy
Cyb Crosswise CGmodel.jpg Crosswise Autovolt Kenichi Mochizuki Michael Donovan
Gigantion Native Autobots/Gigalonia Native Cybertrons
Metroplex-transformers-cybertron-95.5.jpg Metroplex Megalo Convoy Masafumi Kimura Ron Halder
GiantCybertronQuickmix.jpg Quickmix Blendar Kenichi Mochizuki Michael Daingerfield
Megatron-transformers-cybertron-17.3.jpg Megatron Master Megatron Jōji Nakata Trevor Devall (ep. 1)
David Kaye
Galvatron-transformers-cybertron-49.9.jpg Galvatron Master Galvatron
Starscream-transformers-cybertron-93.9.jpg Starscream Takaya Kuroda Michael Dobson
CybThundercracker.jpg Thundercracker Kazunari Tanaka Mark Oliver
Mudflap-transformers-cybertron-4.84.jpg Mudflap Demollisher Taketora Dale Wilson
Velocitron Native Decepticons/Speedia Native Destrons
Crumplezone-transformers-cybertron-15.6.jpg Crumplezone Landbullet Toshihiko Nakajima Mark Acheson
Dark Crumplezone.jpg Armbullet
Ransack-transformers-cybertron-63.9.jpg Ransack Gasket Hiroaki Hirata Louis Chirillo
Samuel Vincent (ep. 47 showdown)
CYB dirtboss boxart.jpg Dirt Boss Inch Up Takayasu Usui Michael Donovan
Animatron Native Decepticons/Animatross Native Destrons
Cyb ep21 scourge training.jpg Scourge Flame Convoy Norio Wakamoto Trevor Devall
Colin Murdock (ep. 27)
Dinoshout.jpg Undermine Dino Shout Masafumi Kimura Mark Oliver
Earth Native Decepticons/Earth Native Destrons
Cyb ep51 new decepticons crash.jpg Thunderblast Chromia Natsuko Kuwatani Maryke Hendrikse
Lugnutz head.jpg Lugnutz Road Storm Masafumi Kimura Michael Adamthwaite
Gigantia Native Decepticons/Gigalonia Native Destrons
MenasorCyb-Biggun.jpg Menasor Moledive Yūto Kazama Samuel Vincent
Planet X
Soundwave-transformers-cybertron-8.52.jpg Soundwave Taketora Robert O. Smith (ep. 47 showdown)
Garry Chalk (ep. 38 titans, 39 warp, 40 giant, 41 fury, 42 city & 44 challenge)
Sideways-transformers-cybertron-6.17.jpg Sideways Noisemaze Susumu Chiba Ted Cole
Cyb ep49 primus smiles.jpg Primus Tesshō Genda Michael Donovan


Image Character
Seiyū Dub Actor
Dub Name Weapon
Hot Rod.png Hotrod Nitro Fire Booster Exillion Yuki Takami Richard Ian Cox
(eps. 4-5, 50)
Blurr.png Blurr Down Turbo Rocket Daisuke Hirawaka Michael Dobson
(eps. 4, 5, 11, 50)
Bumblebee.png Bumblebee Plasma Cannon Tarusuke Shingaki Peter Kelamis
Inferno 1.png Inferno Missile Water Cannon/Launcher Nobutoshi Canna Michael Daingerfield

Additional Voices


  • The original Japanese version was a stand-alone storyline, but was re-written in international markets as the final chapter of the Unicron Trilogy. Later material would try to link the original version to the original version of the other two chapters of the Unicron Trilogy.
  • As another result of this, little to no members of the cast from the previous two installments reprise their roles. The only exception is Tesshō Genda as Primus.
  • Conversely, most of the English cast returned. The only exceptions are Brent Miller being replaced as Hot Shot by Kirby Morrow, Scott McNeil being replaced as Jetfire by Brian Drummond (due to the decision to give Jetfire an Australian accent, something which is ironic as McNeil was born in Australia), Colin Murdoch being replace as Wing Saber by Peter Kelamis, Paul Dobson being replaced as Sideways by Ted Cole, and Ron Halder being replaced as Primus by Michael Donovan.


Date(s) Channel Country
2005-2007 Cartoon Network
United States United States
YTV Canada Canada
Toonami United Kingdom United Kingdom
2006 G4
(Action Blast!)
United States United States
2018-2019 Syndication
United States United States

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
Paramount Home Entertainment 2008 DVD.jpg The Complete Series 1
United States United States
7 Discs
Shout! Factory 2014 The Complete Series
8 Discs

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