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Totally Spies! is a French-Canadian animated series created by Vincent Chalvon-Demersay and David Michel, and produced by Marathon Animation. The series aired between November 3, 2001 and March 1, 2015, consisting of 156 episodes divided into 6 seasons of 26 episodes each. In the United States, the series originally premiered on November 3, 2001 on Fox Family (now Freeform). The show was moved to Cartoon Network on July 7, 2003 where it enjoyed much success, and continued airing for a total of five seasons until 2009. In 2013, the show was revived for a sixth season, premiering at an event at the Palace of Versailles.


Three teenage girls, Sam, Alex and Clover who live in Beverly Hills, California join the dangerous world of international espionage for a company named WOOHP (World Organization Of Human Protection), directed by Jerry and his assistant G.L.A.D.I.S. (Gadget Lending And Distribution Interactive System).

Dubbing History

The series' dub originally began production in the United States utilizing a Los Angeles-based voice cast. The series originally premiered on November 3, 2001 on Fox Family (now Freeform). The show was moved to Cartoon Network on July 7, 2003 where it enjoyed much success.

While the first two seasons of the show were produced in-house by Marathon, beginning with the third season, the series would be largely co-funded by Teletoon, Canada's first 24-hour cable and satellite channel dedicated to cartoons and other animations which is also the second in North America after Cartoon Network since 1997. Due to this, and in order to get a Canadian TV Tax Fund, the LA-based cast of the first two seasons were replaced with a Toronto-based cast for the rest of the series' run with the exception of Jennifer Hale and Andrea Baker, both of whom were able to reprise due to having dual Canadian citizenship.


Main Characters

Image Character Original Actor Dub Actor Season Episode(s)
TSSammys1.png Samantha "Sam" Simpson Claire Guyot Jennifer Hale United States 1-6
TSClovers1.png Clover Ewing Fily Keita Andrea Baker United States 1-6
TSAlexs1.png Alexandra "Alex" Casoy Céline Mauge Katie Leigh United States 1-2
TSAlexs5.png Katie Griffin Canada 3-6
TSJerrys5.png Jerry Lewis Jean-Claude Donda Jess Harnell United States 1-2
Adrian Truss Canada 3-6
TSYoungjerry.png 3 58
TSMandys1.png Mandy Céline Mauge Jennifer Hale United States 1-6
Gladis.jpg G.L.A.D.I.S. Laura Préjean Stevie Vallance Canada 3-4

Secondary Characters

Image Character Original Actor Dub Actor Season Episode(s)
TerrenceTS.png Terrence Lewis Jean-Claude Donda Gary Krawford Canada 3-4
5 126
TSGeraldine.png Geraldine Husk Véronique Augereau United States 2
Kathleen Laskey Canada 3-5
TSHelgavG.png Helga von Guggen Pascale Jacquemont Adrienne Barbeau United States 1-2
Canada 4
5 126
TSJazzhands.png Jazz Hands Patrice Baudrier Dwayne Hill Canada 4 84
5 119-121
TSTimScam.png Tim Scam Guillaume Orsat Michael J. Gough United States 1-2
Patrice Baudrier Robert Tinkler Canada 3-4
TSMyrna.png Myrna Beesbottom Françoise Blanchard Judy Marshak Canada 3-4
TSBoogieGus.png Boogie Gus Alexis Tomassian Joseph Motiki Canada 3-4
TSBritney.png Britney Edwige Lemoine Lindsay Ridgeway United States 2
Kelly Marot Stephanie Broschart Canada 3
Alexandra Garijo 5
TSDean.png Dean Billy Crawford Jonathan Wilson Canada 3-5
TSBlaine.png Blaine Charles Pestel Daniel DeSanto Canada 5-6
Other Secondary Characters
TSMrsLewis.png Mrs. Lewis
(Jerry's Mother)
Françoise Blanchard Kath Soucie United States 2 36
Mari Trainor Canada 5 129-130
6 148
Arnold Jackson Vincent Ropion Dee Bradley Baker United States 1-2
Donald Reignoux Robert Tinkler Canada 3-5
TSDominique.png Dominique Laura Préjean Andrea Baker United States 1-5
TSCaitlin.png Caitlin Edwige Lemoine Katie Leigh United States 1-2
Katie Griffin Canada 4 102-104
StellaTES.png Stella Fily Keita Kath Soucie United States 2 36-37
TSs4Stella.png Andrea Baker 4 102-104
TSs2Gabriella.png Gabriella Claire Guyot Jennifer Hale United States 2 36
TSs4Gabriella.png 4 102-104
TSs2Carmen.png Carmen Céline Mauge Katie Leigh United States 2 36
TSs4Carmen.png Katie Griffin Canada 4 83
DavidTS.png David Donald Reignoux Darryl Kurylo United States 2
Canada 4 2
TSMindy.png Mindy Edwige Lemoine Katie Griffin Canada 5
TSTrent.png Trent Emmanuel Garijo Scott Beaudin Canada 6
TSPlunkett.png Profesor Plunkett Xavier Fagnon Canada 6
TSDeanWarden.png Dean Warden Emmanuel Garijo Deven Mack Canada 6

Minor Characters

Image Character Original Actor Dub Actor Season Episode(s)
Minor Villains
TSHayes1.png Captain Hayes Adrien Antoine Canada 3 68
5 117
6 138
TSLumiere.png Marco Lumiere Vincent Ropion Dee Bradley Baker United States 1-2 26-27
Canada 4 87
WillardTS.png Willard Philippe Catoire Billy West United States 2 45
Pierre Tessier Jamie Watson Canada 3 64
TSep74shirley.png Shirley Françoise Blanchard United States 2 34
Edwige Lemoine Canada 3 74
GeleeTES.png Dr. Gelee Daniel Beretta Simon Templeman United States 1 25
2 47
TrodeTES.png Trode Patrice Baudrier Brian Cummings United States 1 15
Thierry Mercier 2 51
Diminutive Smalls ??? Rob Paulsen United States 1 13
John Stocker Canada 4 7
TSs2Gray.png Dr. Leon Gray Richard Leblond Bill Farmer United States 2 46
Anthony Sardinha Canada 6 148
TSs4Manny.png Manny Wong Adrien Antoine Ron Rubin Canada 4 89
6 151
TSs4violet.png Violet Vanderfleet Laura Préjean Linda Ballantyne Canada 4 91
6 151
TSinventor.png Inventor Canada 4 102-104
TSgrannys5.png Granny Mary Long Canada 5 108
6 139
TSs5Yves.png Yves Mont Blanc Emmanuel Garijo Canada 5 114
6 151
TS155Auguste.png Auguste Philippe Catoire Canada 6 155-156
Other Minor Characters
TBONTES.png T-Bone Christophe Lemoine Scott Menville United States 2 34
Tony Marot Canada 5 117
TSGuillaume.png Guillaume Emmanuel Garijo Christian Laurin Canada 3 72
5 114
TSPhoebe.png Phoebe Jennifer Hale United States 3-4
NormanTS.png Norman Katie Leigh United States 2 37
Tony Marot Canada 6 153
TSs4alexdad.png Alex's Father Canada 4 83
TSs6alexdad.png Xavier Fagnon 6 143
TSVirgil.png Virgil Donald Reignoux Canada 5 107

Episodic Characters

Image Character Original Actor Dub Actor Episode
First Season United States
TSEP1Ricky.png Ricky Mathis Bob Bergen 1
TSEP1worker1.png Record Shop Workers Jim Ward 1
TSEP1worker2.png Bob Bergen
TSep2makeda.png Makeda Edwige Lemoine Dawn McMillan 2
TSEp2Tassara.png Queen Tassara Kelly Marot Kimberly Brooks 2
LesterTS06.png Lester Crawley Christian Pélissier Billy West 5
TS08Ambassador.png Chewbaccastan Ambassador Thierry Wermuth Jim Ward 7
TS05AgentKozy.png Kozy Agent 8
TSEP8Rick.png Rick Quinton Flynn 8
TSEP9Billybob.png Billy Bob Jess Harnell 9
TS09Tuesday.png Tuesday Tate Laurence Dourlens Cree Summer 10
TS10VinceKing.png Vince King Pascal Renwick Jess Harnell 11
TSEP13bittersweet.png Inga Bittersweet B.J. Ward 13
TSEP13Shirley.png Shirley Rogers Laura Préjean Kath Soucie 13
JamesTS18.png James Ian James Corlett 18
TSEp18Teacher.png Teacher Frank Welker 18
TSEP19Dale.png Dale Parks Tony Marot Tony Daniels 19
EdisonTS17.png Edison Benoît Allemane Jeff Bennett 20
TSep20pam.png Pam Grey DeLisle 20
TSep20alice.png Alice Julie Turin 20
TSEP20Robbie.png Robbie Guthrie Rino Romano 20
TSEP21SKandinsky.png Great Kandinsky Patrick Préjean Jeff Bennett 21
TSEP21SAuctioneer.png Madrid Auctioneer 21
SimonTS23.png Simon Tucker Thierry Mercier Corey Burton 22
JohnSmithTS22.png Principal John Smith Patrick Préjean Mark Hamill 23
TSEP23Keller.png Mrs. Keller Jeannie Elias 23
TSEP23Theodore.png Theodore Sophie Arthuys Richard Steven Horvitz 23
TSep24eisenstein.png Eisenstein Olivier Hémon Jim Ward 24
TSEP24Emperor.png Emperor of Japan Tom Kane 24
TSEP24Primeminister.png Malaysian Prime Minister Jess Harnell 24
TSASIBBrock.png Brock Williams Daniel Beretta Cam Clarke 26
TSASIBJulia.png Julia Hastings Céline Monsarrat Kathy Ireland 26
TSASIBDirk.png Dirk Johnson Jess Harnell 26
Second Season United States
TSEP28Ian.png Ian Flemish Jason Marsden 28
FeliciaTS.png Felicia Mane Vanina Pradier Grey DeLisle 29
TSEP29Sister.png Sister 29
TSEP29Guard1.png Guard 1 Jess Harnell 29
TSEP29Guard2.png Guard 2 29
CoachTS.png Coach François Siener 31
TSEP31Mira.png Mira Julie Turin 31
SDTS.png Sunny Day Lauren Tom 32
TSEP32BOB.png B.O.B. Alexis Victor Daran Norris 32
NatalieTS.png Natalie Valentine Vanina Pradier Mindy Sterling 33
TSEP33Rose.png Rose 33
QuiversTS.png Mrs. Quivers 38
TSEP38Madison.png Madison Debi Derryberry 38
TSEP38President.png U.S. President Philippe Catoire Bill Farmer 38
WinkTS.png Wink 50
MargieTS.png Margie 50
TSEP50Zack.png Zack Michael Reisz 50
TSEP50Teacher.png Teacher 50
TSEP51Customer.png Customer 51
TSEP51Worker.png Fashion Store Worker Jess Harnell 51
TSEP52Seth.png Seth Patrick Mancini Wally Wingert 52
TSEP52Randy.png Randy Michael Reisz 52
TSEP52Soldier.png Toy Sergeant Thierry Mercier Richard Epcar 52
Third Season Canada
TS54Host.png Reality Show Host 54
LadylunaTS.png Lady Luna Cynthia West 56
TS56Ricky.png Ricky Rickerson 56
TS58Boy.png Boy 58
FelicityTS.png Felicity Fences Kristina Nicoll 59
TS59Tai.png Tai 59
TS59Senator.png J.R.L Junior 59
UlrichTS.png Ulrich Wernerstein Philippe Catoire David Sparrow 61
DashTS.png Dash Dawson 62
TS62Mascot.png School Mascot 62
LoganTS.png Dr. Logan Jay Philippe Catoire David Sparrow 63
TS64Gargantua.png Gargantuan 64
TS64Surgeon.png Surgeon 64
TSep65paragon.png Paragon Magali Rosenzweig 65
TS65Andy.png Andy 65
TS65Guard.png Guard 65
TS65hostess.png Program Hostess 65
TS66Brain.png Brain 66
Tsep67sergei.png Sergei Jeremy From 67
TS68Supercargo.png Supercargo 68
TS69Seth.png Seth 69
TS70Gazelle.png Gazelle Lauren Collins 70
TSep71yingyang.png Yin-Yang Patrick Borg 71
TS71Tara.png Tara Lauren Collins 71
TS72Minister.png Minister 72
TS73Chucky.png Chucky Emmanuel Garijo 73
Tsep75link.png Professor Link Serge Faliu Cedric Smith 75
TS75Randolph.png Randolph 75
TSEPMGuidesam.png Sam's Trainer 76
TSEPMGuideclover.png Clover's Trainer 76
TSEPMGuidealex.png Alex's Trainer 76
TSEPMGuidedean.png Dean's Trainer 76
Fourth Season Canada
TS79Skyler.png Skyler 79
TS79Tyler.png Tyler 79
TS79Wyler.png Wyler 79
OP1.png O.P. Parents Bill Colgate 82
OP2.png 82
TSmainTitle1.png Todd 83
TSmainTitle1.png Dr. Roberts 84
TSmainTitle1.png Evelyne 87
TS91Rod.png Rod Bentley 91
MilanTS.png Milan Stilton Kelly Marot 92
TS94IceCreamMan.png Ice Cream Man Bernard Bollet Juan Chioran 94
TS99Bonita.png Bonita Bikham Laurence Dourlens 99
TSmainTitle1.png Farmer John 100
TSmainTitle1.png Ziggy 101
Fifth Season Canada
ChetTS.png Chet Emmanuel Garijo Lyon Smith 105
StacyTS.png Stacy Jennifer Hale 106
TS106Profesor.png Professor of Surfology 106
TS106Ling.png Ling Ying 106
TS111Muffy.png Muffy Peprich Dorothée Pousseo Megan Fahlenbock 111
TS112Nandia.png Nadia 112
TS113Juliano.png Juliano 113
TS113Giuseppe.png Giuseppe
TSManhands.png Man Hands 115
TS115Freak.png Neat Freak
TS115Tornado.png Walking Tornado
TS116Mario.png Mario Emmanuel Garijo 116
TSMartinTMM.png Martin Mystery Alexis Tomassian Samuel Vincent 118
TS118Yeti.png Yeti 118
TSMOMTMM.png M.O.M. Laurence Dourlens Teryl Rothery 118
TSUWatchTMM.png U Watch 118
TS119SushiBob.png Sushi Bob Emmanuel Curtil 119
TS122Sigmund.png Sigmund Smith Tony Marot 122
TS123Milton.png Milton Bard 123
TS124Starchy.png Senor Starchy Emmanuel Curtil 125
TS128Meredith.png Meredith 128
Sixth Season Canada
TS131Telly.png Telly Hardwire Emmanuel Garijo Kevin Dennis 131
TS134Feline.png Feline Dion Caroline Mozzone 132
TS133Skip.png Skip Joystick Xavier Fagnon 133
TS134Brick.png Brick Wavebreak Emmanuel Garijo 134
TS135Bertha.png Bertha Bombshell 135
TS136Timmy.png Timmy Tony Marot 136
TS137Wera.png Wera Vann 137
Ts140durlock.png Durlock Guillaume Orsat Ivan Sherry 140
Ts141lance.png Lance Wrishback 141
TS141chomper.png Chomper
TS142Seth.png Seth Toyman Emmanuel Garijo Scott Gorman 142
TS143Ice.png Ice-Solina Alexandra Garijo Ann Pirvu 143
TS144maggie.png Maggie Trendset 144
TS145Salty.png Salty Schooner Xavier Fagnon 145
TS147dude.png Little Dude 147
TS149bozette.png Bozette Slapstick 149
TS150cosmo.png Cosmo Stratus 150
Ts152shelly.png Shelly Junglelove 152
TS153Producer.png The Producer 153
TS154fangirl.png FanGirl Alexandra Garijo 154

Additional Voices

Canada Seasons 3-6


  • Jennifer Hale and Andrea Baker's dialogue was primarily done through a phone patch-through after the cast switch.
  • Vancouver-based voice actors Samuel Vincent and Teryl Rothery reprise their Martin Mystery roles in the crossover episode.


Date(s) Channel Country
2001 Fox Family United States United States
2001-2002 ABC Family United States United States
2003-2010 Cartoon Network United States United States
2019-2020 Universal Kids United States United States
2002-2015 Teletoon Canada Canada
2002-2009 RTÉ Two Ireland Ireland
2013-present TG4 Ireland Ireland
2002-2013 Disney Channel Southeast Asia Southeast Asia
???? Nickelodeon[1] South Africa South Africa

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
Goodtimes Entertainment 2004 VHS.jpg Episodes 1-13 NTSC United States United States
3 Volumes
DVD.jpg Episodes 1-13 1
3 Volumes
New Video Group 2013-2014 Episodes 1-78
6 Volumes
2013 Episodes 1-78
12 Discs

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