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Top Wing is a Canadian computer-animated television series created by Matthew Fernandes of Industrial Brothers. It was produced in-house by Industrial Brothers in connection with 9 Story Media Group. In Canada, the series debuted on Treehouse on January 6, 2018. Nickelodeon acquired the rights to the show outside of Canada, and it premiered on Nickelodeon in the United States on November 6, 2017. In the UK, the main cast's voices are dubbed with British voice actors, replacing their original Canadian voices.


Image Character Original Actor UK Dub Actor Season
File:Top Wing Swift.png Swift Jonah Wineberg William Romain 1
Tristan Mercado 2
File:Top Wing Rod.png Rod Ethan Pugiotto Freddie Howson
File:Top Wing Brody.png Brody Lucas Kalechstein Leni Hamilton
File:Top Wing Penny.png Penny Abigail Oliver Mili Patel
File:Top Wing Speedy.png Speedy Colin Doyle Brad Kavanagh
File:Top Wing Bea.png Bea Bryn McAuley Charlotte Reynard
File:Top Wing Rhonda.png Rhonda Raven Dauda Fiona Clarke
File:Top Wing Sammy Monkey.png Sammy Monkey Tyler Barish Hari Patel