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Toopy and Binoo (Toupie et Binou) is a Canadian children's flash-animated television series created on January 3, 2005, with it being broadcast by Treehouse in Canadian English provinces and Télé-Québec in Quebec, produced by Spectra Animation. It was based upon the children's book Toupie et Binou and was announced by Spectra Animation to start airing on Treehouse in September 2005.


Character Original Actor Quebec Dub Actor
Toopy Marc Labrèche Frank Meschkuleit

Additional Voices[]

  • Frank Meschkuleit - The Great Mamadou, Black Sheep, Green Princess, Wolf Princess, Owl Wolf, Mr. Monster, Mr. Genie, Blue Sheep, Polar Bear, Mr. King of Hearts, Mr. Owl, Mr. Bear, Mr. Knight, Mr. Raccoon, Mr. Reindeer, Mr. Big Bad Wolf
  • Holly Gauthier-Frankel - White Sheep, Dragon Princess
  • Jennifer Seguin - Mrs. Sheep, Blue Sheep, Groundhog, Super Liz, Mrs. Bird, Mrs. Fairy Godmother, Little Pigs, Ms. Penguin

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