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Tony Daniels (born January 23, 1963) is a Canadian voice actor and musician. He is well known for providing the voices of Uncle Flippy in JoJo's Circus, as well as Jedite and Wiseman in Sailor Moon. He is also known for providing the voice of Gambit in X-Men: The Animated Series and Marvel vs. Capcom series. Daniels also provides voices for CBC Television and CBC News Network and appeared on camera in shows and films including Code Name: Eternity, Gracie's Choice, Get Ed, and Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension.

In the mid-2010s, he moved to New York City, however, he still does voice acting for Canadian productions.


Animation Dubbing

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Anime Dubbing

  • Hello Kitty and Friends (1989-1994) - Additional Voices
  • Sailor Moon (1992-1993) - Jedite, Mr. Masterson (ep. 21), Bobo the Vulture (ep. 26), Additional Voices (DIC Dub)
  • Sailor Moon R (1993-1994) - Wiseman, Security Guard (ep. 48), Arcade Thug (ep. 50), Jordan Winston (ep. 53), Josh (ep. 64), Grim Man (ep. 75), Additional Voices (DIC Dub)
  • Sailor Moon S (1994-1995) - MC (ep. 95), Katsutoshi Yamada (ep. 98), Charles Henry Clark (ep. 113), Security Guard (ep. 120), Germatoid (ep. 124), Doctor (ep. 126), Additional Voices (CWi Dub)
  • Sailor Moon SuperS (1995-1996) - Ichirou Ohno (ep. 142), Tobiharenu (ep. 148), Dentist (ep. 153), Additional Voices (CWi Dub)
  • Power Stone (1999) - Valgas, Additional Voices
  • Beyblade (2001-2003) - Rick Anderson, Lupinex, Zomb, Boris Balkov, Dunga, Doctor B, Additional Voices

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