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Tomo-chan Is a Girl! is a 2023 anime series based on the four-panel manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Fumita Yanagida about a tomboy high schooler who is in love with her childhood friend, who only treats her as a boy, and her attempts to make him reciprocate her feelings. It was published by Kodansha and ran in the Saizensen magazine from April 7, 2015 to July 14, 2019 with a total of 8 volumes.

An anime television series adaptation by Lay-duce premiered on January 5, 2023 and is co-produced by Crunchyroll with distribution outside of East Asia, with an English dub that premiered the same day.


Boyish high school girl Tomo Aizawa (Tomo-chan) wants her childhood friend Junichiro Kubota to see her as an actual girl, but every attempt ends up in vain. Will Junichiro ever realize Tomo’s romantic feelings towards him?!


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Tomo Aizawa Tomo Aizawa Rie Takahashi Lexi Nieto
Young Tomo Aizawa Emi Lo
Junichiro Kubota Junichiro Kubota Kaito Ishikawa Ricco Fajardo
Young Junichiro Kubota Makoto Koichi
Dani Chambers
Misuzu Gundou Misuzu Gundou Rina Hidaka Jad Saxton
Young Misuzu Gundou Jalitza Delgado
Carol Olston Carol Olston Sally Amaki
Kousuke Misaki Kousuke Misaki Kōhei Amasaki Ciarán Strange
Naoko Mifune Naoko Mifune Yō Taichi Marisa Duran
Chiyomi Ogawa Chiyomi Ogawa Atsumi Tanezaki Natalie Hoover
Tatsumi Tanabe Tatsumi Tanabe Yoshitsugu Matsuoka Christopher Llewyn Ramirez
Goro Aizawa Goro Aizawa Kenji Nomura Cris George
Akemi Aizawa Akemi Aizawa Kumiko Watanabe Luci Christian
Noda Noda ¿? Cole Feuchter

Episodic Characters[]

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor Episode(s)
Punk Leader Punk Leader Chado Horii Marcus D. Stimac 4, 6, 8
Misaki Gundō Misaki Gundō Ayako Kawasumi Colleen Clinkenbeard 5, 12
Takeru Goma Takeru Goma Taiki Yamashita Jarrod Greene 6-7
Hanao Hanao Yū Wakui Tiffany Solano 6, 10
Bullies Kaede Sawahata Kimmie Britt 7
Yūto Yamamoto Kiba Walker
Junichirō's Mother Mariko Yūki Marianne Bray 8
Kosuke's Mother Miho Hayashi Alexis Tipton 9

Additional Voices[]


  • This is one of the few English dub in general where a Japanese voice actor reprised any roles in English, in this case Sally Amaki as Carol Olston

Transmission via Streaming[]

Company Date Category Format Content Country
Crunchyroll Logo January 5, 2023 Anime Digital 13 eps. United States United States

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