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Thomas Halperin "Tom" Wyner (born June 16, 1947) is an English-born voice actor, producer, director, and writer.


Wyner has worked as a voice actor on numerous anime dubs, video games and live action Saban Entertainment series over the years, and is best friends with fellow anime voice actor Richard Epcar.

He is best known as the voice of M. Bison in the Street Fighter II anime and movie, Project 2501/The Puppet Master in Ghost in the Shell, Devimon on Digimon Adventure, Quent Yaiden on Wolf's Rain, Shogun on Heat Guy J, Carrozo 'Iron Mask' Ronah in Mobile Suit Gundam F91, Gerard Villefort in Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo, Lord Galus in El-Hazard: The Wanderers, Father Juliano Colegui on Witch Hunter Robin, and Teddy Bomber on Cowboy Bebop. In addition, Wyner has worked as script writer for various works for Saban Entertainment, Harmony Gold and Streamline Pictures.

Wyner last appeared in an anime dub around 2006, later moving to Ashland, Oregon in 2013. He's been employed by Blackstone Audio since February of 2006, and has recorded over 250 audio books.


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