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Thomas Bromhead (born December 28, 1971) is an Australian-American actor, voice actor, comedian and retired musician. He is best known for playing the part of Rocket in the Emmy award-winning series I Got a Rocket.

Bromhead's natural dialects are English US, British and Australian.

He is also known for being an impressionist.


Bromhead grew up in England and Australia. He resides in the U.S. He has performed in over 1000 commercial, promotional and game voiceovers, including the Australian promo voice for KidsCo.

Bromhead went to Melbourne High School and has a degree in economics from Monash University.

Thomas was also a professional musician (trumpet and singing) performing with various Australian military bands. He trained in drama at Richmond Drama School in London and in improvisation at The Second City in Los Angeles. He has appeared in numerous commercials including an infamous Continental Sauces commercial with Mena Suvari and a Virgin Mobile commercial with Jane Lynch. He has also appeared in two Super Bowl commercials. In 2003 for Washington Mutual (with Scott Adsit) and in 2011 for Bridgestone's "Reply All". As a stand-up comedian, he has performed in London, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney and Los Angeles.

He has also voiced the Geico Gecko.


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