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Tokyo Mafia: Yakuza Wars is a direct-to-video movie directed by Seiichi Shirai. The film was originally released in Japan on December 1, 1995. The film was released in North America on DVD by Central Park Media on October 9, 2001.


Ginya Yabuki is a successful criminal on the fringes of Kabukicho, dealing in whale meat and flash memory chips with a small group of six comrades. But it wasn't always like this. Yabuki used to be a member of the Yamaryu crime syndicate. However, by cozying up to the boss he earned himself a major beat down from the 2nd in command of the Yamaryu group, Iwagami. After getting his face bashed in and an ashtray to the head, Yabuki turns the tables on the overzealous Iwagami by pulling a gun and shooting him in the leg. He bites off his pinky in a spectacular show of atonement for his actions, and resigns from the syndicate, followed by his well meaning but not so bright lackey, Yuki. Nowadays, Yabuki is content to make his cabbage in deals with the various criminal organizations around Tokyo, including the Chinese mafia (who have a habit of cutting off limbs of people who oppose them), and spreading the cash around the guys in his little group - including some white dude named "Smith". But, as the money rolls in his small cadre starts to grow, and his old Yakuza connections start to get interested in Yabuki's goings-ons. His old friend Sho Saimon helps broker a deal between Yabuki's group and the Yakuza. But quickly the various Yakuza groups want a bigger piece of the pie, and in the words of Yabuki, "Can 70 men stand against 3,000?"


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Ginya Yabuki Riki Takeuchi Steve Blum
Sho Saimon Masayuki Imai Doug Stone
Eileen Reiko Yasuhara Michelle Ruff
Hanada Hiroshi Miyauchi Derek Stephen Prince
Yamadaira Kôjirô Hongô Simon Prescott
Moriwaki TBA Milton James
Ryoko TBA Mari Devon
Iwagami Ren Osugi Robert Axelrod
Akasaka TBA Richard Epcar
Furukawa TBA
Huang TBA Peter Lurie
Yuki Kazuyoshi Ozawa Lex Lang
Aizawa TBA Richard Linkletter
Sugiyama TBA Dave Mallow
Ishiyama TBA Joey Camen
Tony TBA Bob Papenbrook
Sayoko TBA Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Additional Voices[]