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Togo is a 2022 Spanich Crime Drama film, written and directed by Israel Adrián Caetano.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Togo Diego Alonso Gregory A. Thompson
Mercedes Catalina Arrillaga Camille Cole
Rivero Joel Alva Chris Patrickson
Yago José Pagano Gabriel Oliva
Cachete Luis Alberto Acosta Josef Cannon

Additional Voices[]

  • Carter Chase
  • Jill Galbraith
  • Marcus Hanson
  • Mark Engelhardt
  • Nancy Valen
  • Ray Fonseca
  • Richard Tanner
  • Ricky Garcia
  • Yumarie Morales

Transmission via Streaming[]

Company Date Category Format Classification Country
Netflix-logo October 5, 2022 Netflix Original Film Digital 16+ United States United States

External Links[]

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