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The Wisdom of the Gnomes (La llamada de los gnomos) is a 1987 animated series that is a sequel to The World of David the Gnome. The English dub was produced at Intersound in Los Angeles.


The series focuses on Klaus, a gnome judge, who travels around the world with his assistant Dany to help solve disputes peacefully.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Klaus Félix Acaso Doug Stone
Dany Manuel Peiró Ardwight Chamberlain
Bruna Cristina Victoria Wendee Lee
Holler Paco Hernández Steve Kramer
Pit José Moratalla Dave Mallow
Pat Manuel Peiró Michael Sorich
Pot Ángel Egido Kerrigan Mahan
Narrator Teófilo Martínez Michael McConnohie

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