The Three Friends and Jerry (De Tre Vännerna och Jerry) is a Swedish/German/British animated television series. The series was created by Magnus Carlsson and produced by Happy Life and TMO-Loonland Film GmbH in association with Nickelodeon UK and Nickelodeon Germany (the latter's original incarnation shut down after this show premiered, so it instead aired on Disney XD (formerly Jetix & Fox Kids) and Disney Channel in the country).


Jerry is the new kid in town who does not fit with any of his classmates. This series shows his best attempts to try to be liked by the 'Three Friends' - Thomas, Eric, and their leader Frank - who do not want him to be part of their group but still let him hang out with them as long as he helps them with their problems. They also fall in love for a group of the girls in town, who refuse to date them and refer to them as Punks. Apart from school, the group have to contend with parents, bullies and their own conflicts.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Jerry Viktor Birath
Joakim Beutler
Joona Saastamoinen
Frank Sean Bussoli Archit Tripathi
Thomas Anton Olofson Raeder Dennis Guldstrand
Eric Calle Waldekranz Johan Båge
Tess Gabriella Wegdell
Mimmi Linnéa Hincks
Jerry's Mother Gunilla Orvelius Joanna Benecke

Additional Voices


Date(s) Channel Country
1998-2000 Fox Family Channel United States United States
1999–2009 Nickelodeon United Kingdom United Kingdom
Australia Australia
¿1999? YTV Canada Canada
2004-2010 Nicktoons United Kingdom United Kingdom

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