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The Snow Queen (Снежная королева Snezhnaya koroleva) is a 1957 Soviet live-action/animated film directed by Lev Atamanov. It was produced at the Soyuzmultfilm studio in Moscow and is based on the story of the same name by Hans Christian Andersen.


When the Snow Queen, a lonely and powerful fairy, kidnaps the human boy Kay, his best friend Gerda must overcome many obstacles on her journey to rescue him.

Dubbing History

In 1959, the film was dubbed into English and released by Universal Pictures with the voices of Sandra Dee and Tommy Kirk as Gerda and Kay. This version is introduced by a six-minute live-action Christmas prologue featuring TV personality Art Linkletter, as well as a two-minute montage. In this prologue, Linkletter recited the following rhyme just before the film began: "One snowflake two/three snowflakes four/And now you'll see 'The Snow Queen'/if you add a million more." The American version also contained an entirely rewritten musical score and had three new songs in English, two of which replaced the Russian songs (the other one was in the montage).

In 1985, Jim Terry produced an English dub that was released by Celebrity Home Entertainment in 1993. The theme song for the dub was provided by Bullets. The main characters Gerda and Kay's names were changed to Yvette and John.

In the 1990s, Films by Jove restored the film and created a new English soundtrack for it, featuring the voices of Kathleen Turner, Mickey Rooney, Kirsten Dunst, and Laura San Giacomo. It was shown on television in 1995 as part of the "Mikhail Baryshnikov's Stories From My Childhood" series and was later released on video and DVD in 1999. French and Spanish soundtracks were added for the DVD version, with the French soundtrack featuring Catherine Deneuve, and the Spanish track featuring Beatriz Aguirre. Following criticism of the non-inclusion of the Russian soundtrack on the DVD, Films by Jove also released a DVD of the film containing the original Russian soundtrack with English subtitles sometime in 2006.


Image Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Universal Jim Terry Jove
Gerda.png Gerda Yanina Zheymo Sandra Dee Barbara Goodson Kirsten Dunst
Kai.png Kai Anna Komolova Tommy Kirk Mona Marshall David Morse
The Snow Queen.png The Snow Queen Maria Babanova Louise Arthur Kathleen Turner
Ol' Dreamy.png Ole Lukøje Vladimir Gribkov Paul Frees Jan Rabson Mickey Rooney
Granny.png Granny Varvara Popova Lillian Buyeff Mona Marshall Maxine Miller
Old Fairy.png Old Fairy Irina Murzayeva June Foray Kathleen Barr
The Raven.png The Raven Sergei Martinson Paul Frees Jan Rabson Donald Bishop
Court Raven.png Court Raven Yelena Ponsova June Foray Mona Marshall Kathleen Barr
The Prince.png The Prince Vera Bendina Dick Beals Jan Rabson Jason Gray-Stanford
The Princess.png The Princess Tatiana Linnik Joyce Terry Mona Marshall Lalainia Lindbjerg
The Robber Girl.png The Robber Girl Galina Kozhakina Patty McCormack Laura San Giacomo
Old Robber.png Old Robber Yudif Glizer June Foray Don Brown
Deer.png Deer Alexey Konsovskiy Paul Frees Jan Rabson
Laplander Woman.png Laplander Woman Yudif Glizer June Foray Mona Marshall Kathleen Barr
Finnish Woman.png Finnish Woman Maria Sinelnikova Shirley Millner

Additional Voices

Universal Dub

Jim Terry Dub

Jove Dub


  • None of the English dubs of the film use the original Russian music or sound effects.
  • There are name changes for various characters in each dub.
    • Gerda is named Yvette in the Jim Terry Dub.
    • Kai is named John in the Jim Terry Dub.
    • Ole Lukøje is named Ol' Dreamy in the Universal Dub and Charles Evergood in the Jim Terry Dub.
    • The Robber Girl is named Angel in the Universal Dub, Shee in the Jim Terry Dub, and Chickie in the Jove Dub.
    • The Ravens are named Mr. Corax & Henrietta in the Universal Dub, Hector & Louise in the Jim Terry Dub, and Carson & Khurana in the Jove Dub.
    • Deer is named Bucky or Buck Boy in the Universal Dub.
  • A few characters are given accents in the Jim Terry Dub.
    • Ole Lukøje is given an Irish accent.
    • The Robber Girl is given an English accent.
    • The Ravens are given African-American accents.
  • The cast in the Jim Terry Dub isn't really clear since the cast was credited under fictitious names.

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Dub Region Country
UAV Home Video 1989 VHS.jpg Universal NTSC United States United States
Kids Klassics Home Video 1990
UAV Home Video 1991
Celebrity Home Entertainment 1993 Jim Terry
Goodtimes Home Video 1994 Universal
UAV Home Video 1995
Films by Jove 1999 DVD.jpg Jove 0
Cascadia Entertainment 2003 Jim Terry Canada Canada
Westlake Entertainment 2004 Universal 1
United States United States
Osiris Entertainment 2010

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