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The Return of Dogtanian (El Retorno de D'Artacán) is a Spanish animated series, and the continuation of the original Dogtanian & the Three Muskehounds from 1981. The series was a joint production between BRB International and the Taiwanese animation company Wang Film Productions. It originally aired on TVE in Spain in 1989 with 26 episodes.

Nippon Animation, the Japanese studio which produced the first series, was not involved in the sequel. In comparison to the first series, with a more westernized look, cruder animation, and a less complex plot and dialogue, with more reliance on physical humor.


Ten years after the events of the original series, Dogtanian is now married to Juliette with two children. The Muskehounds are suddenly reunited when the Queen calls upon them when her husband, King Louis XIII, starts acting strangely. From there, the Muskehounds soon unravel a devious plot to dethrone the King.

Dubbing History

The Return of Dogtanian was dubbed in 1990 by Intersound, which had previously dubbed the original series. The dub was directed by Dave Mallow and Doug Stone, who also co-adapted the original scripts to English, as well as took over as the voices of Dogtanian, and Porthos, respectively.

Despite being dubbed by the same company, the majority of the English voice cast was replaced, even though voice actors from the original series are still present voicing other characters (namely Daniel Woren, who voiced Rochefort in the original series, now voicing Cardinal Richelieu). The few voice actors retained include Rebecca Forstadt as Juliette, Steve Kramer as Pip, and Mike Reynolds as Widimer.


Image Character Actor de Voz Voice Actor
Dogtanian return.jpg Dogtanian Eduardo Jover Dave Mallow
Porthos return.jpg Porthos Javier Franquelo Doug Stone
Athos return.jpg Athos Juan Perucho Michael Sorich
Aramis return.jpg Aramis Luis Reina Eddie Frierson
Juliette return.jpg Juliette Gloria Cámara Rebecca Forstadt
Pip return.jpg Pip José Ángel Egido Steve Kramer
Richelieu return.jpg Cardinal Richelieu Rafael de Penagos Kerrigan Mahan (eps. 1-9)
Daniel Woren (eps. 10-26)
Widimer return.jpg Captain Widimer José Martínez Blanco Mike Reynolds
Beajeaux.jpg Beajeaux Steve Bulen
Milady return.jpg Milady Ana Ángeles García Edie Mirman
King return.jpg King Louis XIII Javier Dotú Simon Prescott
Philippe.jpg Philippe Brianne Siddall
Fleur.jpg Fleur
Planchet return.jpg Planchet Daniel Dicenta Milton James
Queen return.jpg Queen Anne of Austria María Luisa Rubio Lara Cody
Blancblec.jpg Blancbec Javier Dotú Simon Prescott
Return of Dogtanian title.png Narrator José Catalá Michael McConnohie

Additional Voices


  • Compared to the original series, which had no voice credits at all, The Return of Dogtanian had voice credits, though they are only static credits used across all episodes and only credit some of the main cast (Dogtanian, Aramis, Athos, Porthos, Juliette, Richelieu, Beajeaux, King, Narrator)

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
Revelation Films 2005 DVD.jpg The Complete Series 2
United Kingdom United Kingdom
4 Discs

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