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The Prodigies is a 2011 French-British computer-animated science fiction, action, horror and psychological thriller film based on La Nuit des enfants rois, a novel written by French writer Bernard Lenteric.

Released theatrically on 8 June 2011, the film received generally negative reviews from critics with most critics and audiences made comparisons between The Prodigies and two another films Village of the Damned and Law Abiding Citizen and was a box office bomb, grossing only $1 million against a budget of $31 million.



  • Mathieu Kassovitz as Jimbo Ferrar, the main protagonist of the movie
  • Alexis Tomassian as FOZZY/Young Jimbo
  • Claire Guyot as Ann
  • Sophie Chen as Lee Mishon
  • Thomas Sagols as Gil Yepes, the main antagonist of the movie
  • Jessica Monceau as Liza Everton
  • Julie Dumas as Melanie Killian
  • David Scarpuzza as Sammy Goldberg
  • Diouc Koma as Harry Sparks
  • Féodor Atkine as Charles Killian
  • Pierre-François Pistorio as Jenkins
  • Cédric Dumond as Lorenzo Carvahal
  • Patrick Donnay as The President
  • Jerome Keen as Doctor
  • Gautier de Fauconval as Justin
  • Alexandre Cross as Lieutenant Smith
  • Benoît Van Dorslaer as Chester


  • Jeffrey Evan Thomas as Jimbo Ferrar
  • Stephanie Sheh as Ann/Lee Mishon
  • Ben Schiller as Gil Yepes
  • Lauren Ashley Carter as Liza Everton
  • Cindy Robinson as Melanie Killian
  • Dick Smallberries Jr. as Sammy Goldberg
  • Ogie Banks as Harry Sparks
  • JB Blanc as Charles Killian / Priest
  • Bob Buchholz as Jenkins
  • Rene Rosado as Lorenzo Carvahal
  • Karen Strassman as Elizabeth Ferrar (Jimbo's mom)
  • Ben Diskin as Diaz Arnesto
  • Michael Sorich as Lieutenant Jack McKenzie
  • Chris Marlowe as The President
  • Donald Leary as Lieutenant Smith
  • Joey Lotsko as Doctor
  • Wendee Lee as Liza's mother
  • Mari Devon as Mrs. McKenzie
  • Jaime Seibert as William Ferrar (Jimbo’s father)
  • Michole White as Harry's mother
  • Jonas Alexander Sansone as Sammy / Fozzy / Young Jimbo