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The Prince of Dinosaurs (Il principe dei dinosauri) is a 2000 Italian animated film produced by Mondo TV featuring characters from their series The Legend of Sleeping Beauty. An English dub was produced in Rome, as was standard for most of Mondo TV's series and films around this time.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Rakhal Francesco Pezzulli Lawrence McCormick
Braveheart Massimo Dapporto Gregory Snegoff
Slippy Fabrizio Vidale Francis Pardeilhan
Sluggard Leo Guillotta Gregory Snegoff
Maya Francesca Draghetti Pat Starke
Argy Nanni Baldini Rob Steiner
Micar ? Francis Pardeilhan
Mutti Roberto Draghetti Ted Rusoff
Patch Simone Crisari John Spafford

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