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The Orbital Children is a two-part Japanese anime science fiction film series written and directed by Mitsuo Iso.

Kenichi Yoshida provided the character designs for the anime and is also the animation director, while Toshiyuki Inoue is the main animator. The film's soundtrack was produced by Rei Ishizuka. The theme song, "Oarana," was written and composed by Vincent Diamante and performed by virtual rap singer Harusaruhi.

The film will be released in two parts in Japan for two weeks each, with Part 1 released on January 28, 2022, and Part 2 scheduled for February 11. Netflix announced in November 2021 that it has acquired the global distribution rights, and released the film as a six-episode series on January 28, 2022 to coincide with Part 1's debut in Japan.


In the year 2045 in outer space, where AI, the internet and social networking sites are widespread. A massive accident occurs on a newly opened Japanese commercial space station, and a group of children are left behind. With no hope of rescue from adults, their lifeline is a barely surviving narrowband, a social network, a free application of low-intelligence AI and a drone controlled by a next-generation mobile device called "Smart". Using these tools with the help of AI, they take actions to survive, and arrive at the "true meaning" of a terrifying prophecy from the most intelligent AI in history. Will they be able to survive the crisis?

Voice Cast

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Touya Sagami Natsumi Fujiwara Griffin Burns
Konoha Б Nanase Azumi Waki Cassandra Lee Morris
Taiyo Tsukuba Kenshō Ono Adam McArthur
Mina Misasa Chinatsu Akasaki Tara Sands
Hiroshi Tanegashima Yumiko Kobayashi Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Nasa Houston Mariya Ise Abby Trott
Mayor Sagami TBA Ray Chase
Bright TBA Christopher Swindle
Isako Darmstadt Nobeyama TBA Julie Nathanson
Chief (Kokubunji) TBA Kyle McCarley

Additional Voices


Transmission via Streaming

Company Date Category Format Classification Country
Netflix-logo.png January 28, 2022 Anime / Netflix Original series Digital 13+ United States

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