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The Missing Link (Le chaînon manquant) is a 1980 French-Belgian adult animated film directed by Picha. The original English version was produced in 1980.


In 1984, an American dub was released known as B.C. Rock. It was released in select theaters and home video by Almi Pictures. Major changes to the film included newly written dialogue by the comedy duo The Funny Boys (Vallely and Schmock), recut footage, different voices, different instrumental score, the absence of the narrator (with the main character telling the story), and nearly all the songs written and performed by Leo Sayer have been replaced by songs by other artists. Though several bootleg DVDs are available online, there are currently no plans for an official DVD release.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Original Redub
O / Stewie Babcock Richard Darbois Ron Venable James Vallely
Igua / Bone Georges Aminel John Graham Joseph Plewa
Croak / Slick Roger Carel Bob Kaliban Jonathan Schmock
No-Lobes Georges Aminel
Roger Carel
Jacques Ferrière
William Sabatier
Christopher Guest
Bob Kaliban
Clark Warren
Dragon Philippe Nicaud Bill Murray
Narrator Jacques Dacqmine Mark Smith N/A


  • Bill Murray's role as the Dragon is uncredited in both dubs. The first dub instead has three dots where his name should be.
    • Murray's involvement is somewhat confirmed on the Danish DVD cover which gives him top billing next to Christopher Guest.
  • Miramax Films and future The Weinstein Company founders Bob and Harvey Weinstein were credited in the B.C. Rock dub as "Music Talent Consultants", with Miramax also getting a Special Thanks credit.

Video Releases[]

Distributor Year Format Dub Region Country
Palm Beach Entertainment 1984 VHS B.C. Rock NTSC United States United States
Another World Entertainment 2011* DVD Original 2
Denmark Denmark

*Bundled with Tarzoon, Shame of the Jungle and The Big Bang.

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