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The Magical World of Gigi is the English adaptation of the anime Magical Princess Minky Momo (魔法のプリンセス ミンキー モモ Mahō no Purinsesu Minkī Momo), directed by Kunihiko Yuyama, and produced by Ashi Productions. The series aired on TV Tokyo in Japan between March 18, 1982 and May 26, 1983, consisting of 63 episodes.

In the United States, the series was distributed by Harmony Gold.

Dubbing History

The English dub of the series was produced by Harmony Gold, around the same time they had dubbed Robotech. The first 52 episodes of Minky Momo were utilized for the dub, and was very minimally edited. The series failed to air in the United States, as buyers were not interested[1], but this adaptation was used as the basis for several international versions that aired under the Gigi title, including the Latin American Spanish dub.

The English version did eventually make its way onto the "Cartoon Connections" block of ATV10 in Melbourne, Australia, and aired from at least late 1986[2] to early 1988.[3] The only portion of Gigi that had ever managed to see a commercial release in the USA would be the 1985 OVA Gigi & the Fountain of Youth in 1987.


Image Character Original Name Seiyū Dub Actor
Gigi (original version) ladg 1982-1983.png Gigi Minky Momo Mami Koyama Jehan Agrama
Gigi adult ladg 1982-1983.png
Bonkers ladg 1982-1983.png Bonkers Sindbook Isamu Tanonaka Clifton Wells
Coco ladg 1982-1983.png Coco Mocha Reiko Kitou Jan Rabson
(1st voice)
Cam Clarke
(2nd voice)
Yum-yum ladg 1982-1983.png Yum-Yum Pipiru Yūko Mita Melanie MacQueen
Gigis Dad ladg 1982-1983.png Papa / Robin Papa Rokurō Naya Robert V. Barron
Gigis mom ladg 1982-1983.png Mama / Daisy Mama Mika Doi ¿?
The king of finalinasa ladg 1982-1983.png King Cuthbert King of Fenarinarsa Hiroshi Masuoka Jan Rabson
(1st voice)
Steve Kramer
(2nd voice)
The queen of finalinasa ladg 1982-1983.png Queen Yolanda Queen of Fenarinarsa Emiko Tsukada Melanie MacQueen
Narration ladg 1982-1983.jpg Narration Ismau Tanonaka Jan Rabson
(1st voice)
Daniel Woren
(2nd voice)

Episodic Characters

Character Seiyū Dub Actor Episode(s)
Boy Naomi Jinbo Robin Levenson 1
Rancher Reizō Nomoto Mike Reynolds
Typical Villain Junpei Takiguchi ?
Cowboy Hideki Fukushi Jan Rabson
Mary Jane Saeko Shimazu ? 2
Flasher Hideki Fukushi Robert Axelrod
Boss Yūji Mikimoto ?
Explorer Kazuya Tatekabe Joe Perry
Jimmy Kazuhiko Inoue Cam Clarke 3
Becky Sanae Takagi Robin Levenson
Father Daisuke Gōri Joe Perry
Barkeep Hideki Fukushi Joe Perry
Ken Kazue Komiya Cam Clarke 4
Policeman Hideki Fukushi ?
Teacher Hiromi Okazaki ?
Alarm Clock Takashi Yasuda Robin Levenson
Billy Reiko Suzuki Melora Harte 41
Otto Sanae Takagi Kris Noel Pearson
Thief Lupin Jun Sagami Tom Wyner
Santa Claus Yasuo Muramatsu Ted Lehmann
Postal Workers Hideki Fukushi
Masashi Hirose
Cam Clarke
Mike Reynolds
General Shōzō Iizuka Mike Reynolds 42
Major Jones Sukekiyo Kameyama Steve Kramer
Sergeant Takashi Taguchi Gregory Snegoff
Jane Tomoko Ōtsuka Susie London?
Soldiers Tetsuya Yamazaki
Norio Murata
Alarm Yūji Mikimoto Robert V. Barron
Johnny Hirotaka Suzuoki Tony Oliver 43
Angel Masako Nozawa Robin Levenson 44

Additional Voices


  • There are various differences between the series' adaptation and the OVA, with some of the names differing (and some keeping their original names), and many of the roles are recast (apart from Yum-Yum, Gigi's Father and King Cuthbert).
  • Momo's dub name "Gigi" corresponds to the nickname of Jehan Agrama (daughter of Frank Agrama), an associate producer at Harmony Gold that worked on both the dub of the series and the OVA, as well as voiced Gigi.


Date(s) Channel Country
1986-1988 ATV10 Australia Australia

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