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The Magic Roundabout (Pollux - Le manège enchanté), redubbed in the United States as Doogal, is a 2005 French-British computer-animated adventure fantasy film based on the television series The Magic Roundabout.


A group of friends embark on a dangerous journey in an effort to imprison their oppressor, the evil wizard Zeebad.

Dubbing History

The film was co-produced in the UK and France. The original English version of the film featured an abundance of prominent British actors.

The film was later brought over to the US by The Weinstein Company (originally Miramax/Disney) on October 17, 2004, under a new title Doogal. producer Harvey Weinstein approached Fairly Oddparents and Danny Phantom creator Butch Hartman to re-work the film on November 2005. Hartman revealed in a 2017 interview during the Weinstein scandal and the MeToo and Time's Up movement that his initial idea to re-work The Magic Roundabout was to add in a live-action frame story that would've involved an elderly man reading the story of the film to his grandchild, similar to that of The Princess Bride; this idea never went through however due to budget issues and even revealed that the original U.S. movie poster had his name and his production company Billionfold Inc. on it, until they were removed in later posters in copyright favor of both Pathé and Action Synthese's credits. The US version of the film redubs a majority of the cast with celebrity voices that are most well-known in the US (Chevy Chase, Jimmy Fallon, Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Hader, Judi Dench, John Krasinski, William H. Macy, Kevin Smith and Jon Stewart), the only voice being retained is Ian McKellen due to his high celebrity status in the US. Kylie Minogue was also brought in to re-record all of her dialogue with an American accent. While the original UK dubbed version received mostly positive reviews, the US version has become pretty infamous for its an overabundance of pop culture references and flatulence jokes, Butch Hartman revealed in a 2017 interview during the Weinstein scandal and the MeToo and Time's Up movement that his actual script was actually re-written, and even re-recorded, without his consent by Harvey Weinstein and his distribution and production company The Weinstein Company with a screenplay by Hoodwinked! co-director Cory Edwards. At least 3% of his actual script made it into the final cut.


Image Character Original Actor UK Version Doogal
Dougal.png Dougal Henri Salvador Robbie Williams Daniel Tay
Florence.png Florence Vanessa Paradis Kylie Minogue
Dylan.png Dylan Eddy Mitchell Bill Nighy Jimmy Fallon
Brian.png Brian Dany Boon Jim Broadbent William H. Macy
Ermintrude.png Ermintrude Valérie Lemercier Joanna Lumley Whoopi Goldberg
Train.png Train N/A Lee Evans Chevy Chase
Zebedee.png Zebedee Élie Semoun Ian McKellen
Zeebad.png Zeebad Michel Galabru Tom Baker Jon Stewart
Soldier Sam.png Soldier Sam Gérard Jugnot Ray Winstone Bill Hader
Moose.png Moose N/A Kevin Smith
Carol.png Carol Daniella Loftus Heidi Brook Myers
Basil.png Basil Ediz Mahmut Eric Robinson
Mr. Rusty.png Mr. Rusty Jimmy Hibbert Cory Edwards
Mr. Grimsdale.png Mr. Grimsdale John Krasinski
Narrator N/A Judi Dench

Additional Voices

UK Version


  • Cory Edwards
  • John Krasinski


  • In the original trailer for Doogal, the titular character was voiced by an adult male actor.
  • There are a few instances in the US version where the British voices can still be heard.
  • Almost every instant of Zebedee saying "Roundabout" is cut in the US version, likely due to the word being uncommon in the US and Ian McKellen being unavailable to record any re-takes.



Let's talk about DOOGAL - Butch Hartman

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Version Region Country
Pathé Distribution 2005 DVD.jpg UK 2
United Kingdom United Kingdom
The Weinstein Company 2006 Doogal 1
United States United States
Alliance Canada Canada
Pathé Distribution 2008 BD UK All
France France

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