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The Magic Pony (Конёк-горбунок Konyok-gorbunok) is a 1975 Soviet animated film adapted from Pyotr Yershov's poem The Little Humpbacked Horse, directed by Ivan Ivanov-Vano. It is a remake of the original 1947 Soviet animated film The Magic Horse, which was in poor condition at the time and could not be restored.

Dubbing History

The original dub was made in 1977 by Acton Entertainment under the name The Magic Pony. This version was recorded in Los Angeles and featured name actors such as Jim Backus and Hans Conried. It played in theaters in the late 1970s and could be found on video in the 1980s and 90s.

The second dub was made in 1996 as part of the Stories from My Childhood series from Films by Jove, under the name Ivan and His Magic Pony. This version featured celebrity voice actors doing the main roles and Toronto-based actors in the minor roles.

Both dubs featured entirely new music.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Acton Jove
Ivan Maria Vinogradova Johnny Whitaker Rob Lowe
The Czar Alexei Gribov Jim Backus Hector Elizondo
The Magic Pony Svetlana Harlap Erin Moran Daphne Zuniga
The Chamberlain Georgy Vitsin Hans Conried ¿?
Danilo Anatoly Kubatsky ¿? ¿?
Gavrilo Roman Filippov ¿? ¿?
The Tsar-Maiden Vera Yenyutina ¿? ¿?
The Monster Whale Alexander Khanov ¿? ¿?
The Mare Vera Yenyutina ¿? ¿?

Additional Voices

Acton Dub

  • Diana Alton
  • Robb Cigne
  • John Craig
  • Wayne Heffley
  • Jason Wingreen
  • Sandra Wirth

Jove Dub

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