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The Little Prince & the Eight-Headed Dragon (わんぱく王子の大蛇退治 Wanpaku Ōji no Orochi Taiji) is a Japanese animated film released in 1963.


Susano is the youngest son of Izanagi and Izanami, a god and a goddess that created Earth so that people could live and try to be happy. Still a young boy, Susano is devastated by the passing away of his mother. Determined to find her despite the reprimands of his father, he embarks on a journey to find his brother and his sister since they might know how to get to the place their mom has gone to.


Image Characters Seiyū Dub Actor
Susano-1a1.jpg Prince Susano Tomohito Sumida John Armstrong
Susano-1a5.jpg Izanagi Setsuo Shinoda Patricia Kobayashi
Susano-1a6.jpg Izanami Mitsuko Tomi
Susano-1a7.jpg Crystal Prince Hideo Kinoshita William Ross
Susano-1a2.jpg Sun Goddess Noriko Shindō
Susano-1a8.jpg Rabbit Chiharu Kuri Cliff Harrington
Susano-1a9.jpg Minister of War Shuichi Kazamatsuri
Susano-1a15.jpg Tambo Kiyoshi Kawakubo
Susano-1a11.jpg King of the Ocean Masato Yamanouchi
Susano-1a4.jpg Fire God Kinshiro Iwao William Ross
Susano-1a14.jpg Village Chief Kousei Yagi
Susano-1a12.jpg Villager # 1
Susano-1a13.jpg Villager # 2
Susano-1a16.jpg Villager # 3
Susano-1a17.jpg Villager # 4
Susano-1a3.jpg The Little Princess Yukiko Okada
Susano-1a18.jpg Little Princess' Father Masato Yamanouchi Dick Wieand
Susano-1a19.jpg Rat Kōji Koga
Susano-1a10.jpg Taro Hideo Kinoshita

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Distributor Year Format Region Country
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