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The Little Polar Bear: Lars and the Little Tiger (Germany: Der kleine Eisbär: Lars und der kleine Tiger or Der kleine Eisbär: Neue Abenteuer - Neue Freunde) is a 2002 direct to DVD animated feature. It is edited from three episodes of The Little Polar Bear TV series, Im großen Hafen, Im Tigerwald and Zurück in den Dschungel.


Lars is back again. Following his first great feature-length movie the Little Polar Bear returns for more adventures in this exciting story. Lars travels to exotic places including a harbor city, the Tiger Forest and a beautiful island. Along the way Lars finds new friends, Nemo the seafaring cat and Theo the little tiger. Follow Lars Nemo, Theo, and of course Robby and Greta on this incredible journey.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Lars Maximilian Artajo Brianne Siddall
Robby Patrick Baehr Lara Jill Miller
Greta Anna Friedrich Cindy Robinson
Pieps Lisa Mitsching Mona Marshall
Nemo Oli. P Steve Staley
Hippo Harry Rowohlt Bob Papenbrook
Mika Tobias Meister Michael McConnohie
Anke Reitzenstein Megan Wicks
Theo Angelika Lietzke Mona Marshall
Jonny Timmo Niesner Bob Buchholz
Orca Horst Lampe Jamieson Price
Owl Inken Sommer ¿?
Kasim Jurgen Kluckert Bob Buchholz
Balthasar Gerald Paradies Tom Wyner
Tortoise Regine Albrecht ¿?
Crocodile Karl Schulz Jamieson Price
Cats Denise Gorzelanny
Chris Palm
Heike Beeck
Jessica Gee
Lara Jill Miller
Mona Marshall
Dog Frank Ciazynski Not dubbed
Seagulls Joachim Kaps
Gerald Schaale
Bernhard Volger
Jessica Gee
Lara Jill Miller


  • Although this and the other compilation films were dubbed in Los Angeles like the first film, they were dubbed with almost a completely different talent pool than the first film.
  • The end credits for the dub of this and the other compilation films were reused from The Dream of Flying, which despite the credits being in English, list only the German voice actors and character names, leading to many of the voice actors, save for Megan Wicks and Cindy Robinson due to their names being listed on the back of the DVD cover, being unknown.
    • The DVD cover also credits an actor named F. Rothchild, though it's likely this was a pseudonym name used by one of the voice actors.
  • Michael McConnohie is the only voice actor from the first movie to reprise his role. Brianne Siddall appeared in both films, though here she provides the voice of Lars in place of Wesley Singerman; in the first film, she voiced Robby.
  • One of the last dubbing roles for Tom Wyner
  • As the film was produced to PAL speed rather than NTSC speed like the theatrical films, the US DVD release presents the entire film save for the Warner Bros. Family Entertainment logo at a lower pitch than normal.

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Distributor Year Format Region Country
Warner Home Video 2005 DVD 1
United States United States

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