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The Jungle Bunch to the Rescue (Les As de la Jungle à la Rescousse) is a French computer-animated children's television series produced by TAT Productions and Master Films.

The series originally premiered in France in 2014 on France 3. The series aired in the United States on March 19, 2016 on Sprout.


Image Character Original Actor France Dub Actor United States Season
Main Characters
Maurice Philippe Bozo Kirk Thornton 1-
Gilbert Laurent Morteau André Gordon 1-
Miguel Pascal Casanova Cam Stance 1-2
Keith Silverstein 3-
Batricia Céline Monsarrat Erin Fitzgerald 1-
Al Emmanuel Curtil Cam Stance 1-2
Tony Azzolino 3-
Bob Paul Borne Christopher Corey Smith 1-
Secondary Characters
Fred Michel Mella Steve Staley 1-
Natacha Maïk Darah Laura Post 3-
Goliath Alain Dorval Kyle McCarley 3-
Tony Frantz Confiac Jake Green 3-

Additional Voices



Date(s) Channel Country
2016-???? Sprout / Universal Kids United States United States


Company Date Category Format Classification Country
Kidoodle TV logo.png April 4, 2022 ? Digital All International

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