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The Heroic Trio (東方三俠) is a 1993 Hong Kong action film directed by Johnny To. The film was released on February 12, 1993 in Hong Kong. The film was released in North America on DVD on November 19, 2002.


An invisible woman is kidnapping newborn babies who're destined to be emperors and delivering them to the mysterious, subterranean villain known only as the "Evil Master". The police are powerless and the only hope for the city is a motley trio of women who all share a terrible past, they are: Tung (played by Anita Mui), the mild-mannered wife of a police inspector who secretly fights crime as the sword-slinging, knife-throwing heroine, "Wonder Woman"; Chat (played by Maggie Cheung) a hard-boiled, shotgun-toting bounty hunter who goes by the nickname "Thief Catcher"; and Ching (played by Michelle Yeoh), the "Invisible Woman" who is the troubled but determined right hand of the Evil Master.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Ching/San/Invisible Woman
(Number 3)
Michelle Yeoh Jessica Gee
Tung/Wonder Woman
(Shadow Fox)
Anita Mui Page Leong
Chat/Thief Catcher
Maggie Cheung Wendee Lee
Inspector Lau Damian Lau Kirk Thornton
Kau Anthony Wong Chau-sang Fred Tatasciore
Professor/Inventor James Pak TBA
Chief of Police Paul Chun TBA
Evil Master Yen Shi-Kwan TBA

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