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The Big Bang (Le Big Bang) is a 1987 adult animated film directed by Picha. The English version was done in New York by National Lampoon veteran Tony Hendra, who adapted and directed the dub.


Sex farce about Fred, an inept post WWIII superhero garbageman, who must prevent WW4 by disarming the continents of Virginia, where mutated feminists live, and USSSR, where mutated buttless men live. Beautiful Liberty is his only ally.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Fred Luis Rego David L. Lander
Liberty Régine Teyssot Carole Androsky
Una Perrette Pradier Alice Playten
Trixie Paule Emanuele Joanna Lehman
Comrade-in-Chief Georges Aminel Marshall Efron
First ? Marvin Silbersher
Dark Vador Henry Djanik Ray Owens

Additional Voices[]

  • Jerry Bledsoe
  • Josh Daniel
  • Bob Kaliban
  • George Osterhan
  • Deborah Taylor
  • Ron Vernan
  • Roberta Wallach

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