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The Amazing Spiez! (French: SpieZ! Nouvelle Génération) is a French animated television series created and developed by David Michel and Vincent Chalvon-Demersay. It was co-produced by Marathon Media, Image Entertainment Corporation, and Canal J. The series is a spin-off of Totally Spies! (another series from Marathon Media). In France, the series debuted on TF1 on April 1, 2009. Its final episode was broadcast on May 25, 2012.

The series follows four siblings (Lee, Marc, Megan, and Tony) who have been chosen by the WOOHP (World Organization of Human Protection) to become international spies. Together, the spies learn to juggle everyday life with their missions.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Lee Clark Donald Reignoux Andrew Sabiston
Marc Clark Alexandre Nguyen Peter Cugno
Megan Clark Caroline Mozzone Alyson Court
Tony Clark Céline Ronté Julie Lemieux
Jerry Lewis Jean-Claude Donda Adrian Truss
Tami Delphine Braillon Stephanie Beard
Cal Clark Emmanuel Garijo Dan Petronijevic
Karen Clark Valérie Siclay (eps. 1-26) Liz Ramos
Alexandra Garijo (eps. 27-52)