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The Amazing 3 (ワンダー3 Wondā 3) is an anime based on the manga created by Osamu Tezuka, and produced by Mushi Production. It originally aired on Fuji TV in Japan from June 6, 1965 to June 27, 1966.


Three extra-terrestrials are on a mission to see if Earth is qualified to be part of the Galactic Control which is an order where only certain planets can be part of. If Earth isn't qualified then the planet will be destroyed. To progress in their mission, the three beings abduct three earth animals as disguises for themselves. With their extraordinary powers they already have, they were best known as the Amazing 3.

Dubbing History

Wonder 3 was dubbed by Erika Film Productions in Miami, Florida with the title changed to The Amazing 3. The show would be aired in Syndication starting in 1967, airing on KCOP-TV (Channel 13) in Los Angeles, California and on WPIX-TV (Channel 11) in New York, New York. It would also air on the Nine Network in Australia in 1969.

The dub is very hard to find, often rumored to having been destroyed. However, various episodes and clips of the dub have emerged online over the years. 12 episodes on original film negatives were found in the KCOP vault and were sold on eBay for $24,000 a few years ago. Some English dubbed episodes have also appeared on grey market DVD-Rs sold online.


Character Original Name Seiyū Dub Actor
Bonnie Bokko Fuyumi Shiraishi Bobbie Byers
Ronnie Nokko Yasuo Kojima Neil Patrick
Zero Pukko Shinsuke Chikaishi Paul Brown
Kenny Carter Shinichi Hoshi Kazuko Sawada Kurt Nagel
Randy Carter Koichi Hoshi Yoshio Kaneuchi
Narrator Jerry Berke

Additional Voices

  • Sandy Warshaw



Date(s) Channel Country
1967-1970 Syndication United States United States
1969-1970 Nine Network Australia Australia

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