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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (トム・ソーヤーの冒険 Tomu Sōyā no Bōken) is a Japanese anime series, directed by Hiroshi Saitô which was broadcast in 1980. It is based on the well-known and popular novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain.

Dubbing History

This series was dubbed into English by Saban Entertainment and broadcast on HBO c. 1988 under the title The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, at 7:30am and alternated with the later WMT version of Tales of Little Women. Celebrity Home Entertainment released videos in the United States under the title All New Adventures of Tom Sawyer. None of the voice actors were credited, as standard for many non-union productions by Saban.

An alternate English dub of the series has been shown in southeast Asia. Even less is known about this dub; though was likely dubbed in Hong Kong, Singapore or the Philippines. In 1997, 2008, 2010 and 2014, it was shown on ABS-CBN. In 2015 and 2016, a digitally remastered version was shown on the ABS-CBN Digital TV subchannel Yey! in the Philippines.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor[1]
Tom Sawyer Anime.png Tom Sawyer Masako Nozawa Barbara Goodson
Huckleberry Finn Anime.png Huckleberry Finn Kazuyo Aoki Wanda Nowicki
Becky Thatcher Anime.png Becky Thatcher Keiko Han
Muff Potter Anime.png Muff Potter Eken Mine Robert V. Barron
Jeff Thatcher TSNB.png Jeff Thatcher Yumi Nakatani Cam Clarke
Sheriff Collins TSNB.png Sheriff Collins Taimei Suzuki
Ben Rodgers Anime.png Ben Rodgers Yoshiko Matsuo
Mr. Rodgers TSNB.png Mr. Rodgers Kenichi Ogata Simon Prescott
Masaru Ikeda
Jim TSNB.png Jim Hollis Ikuo Nishikawa
Judge Edward Thatcher Anime.png Judge Edward Thatcher Ichirō Murakoshi
Margaret thatcher ladts 1980.png Margaret Thatcher Yumi Nakatani
Mary TSNB.png Mary Sawyer Kaoru Ozawa Melora Harte
Injun Joe Anime.png Injun Joe Eiji Kanie Tom Wyner
Kenji Utsumi
(eps. 38-49)
Pap Finn Anime.png Pap Finn Toshiya Ueda
Professor Dobbins Anime.png Mr. Dobbins Ichirō Nagai
Old Sam TSNB.png Old Sam Yasuo Tanaka
Reverend TSNB.png Reverend
Uncle Silas TSNB.png Silas Phelps Minoru Yada
Aunt Polly Anime.png Aunt Polly Haru Endō Philece Sampler
Aunt Kate TSNB.png Aunt Kate Kineko Nakamura
Sid Sawyer Anime.png Sid Sawyer Sumiko Shirakawa Brianne Siddall
Amy Lawrence Anime.png Amy Lawrence Kaoru Kurusu Lara Cody
Sanae Takagi
Risetta TSNB.png Lisette Jean Katsue Miwa
Arthur O'Connor Anime.png Arthur O' Connor Katsuji Mori Dave Mallow
Dr. Michael Mitchell TSNB.png Dr. Michael Mitchell Tadao Futami Michael Forest
Dr. Robinson TSNB.png Dr. Robinson Jun Hazumi Barry Stigler
Theatre Director TSNB.png Davit Garlic
(Theatre Director)
Masashi Amenomori Tom Wyner
Oscar TSNB.png Oscar Phelps Kaneto Shiozawa Dave Mallow
Mike TSNB.png Mike Yoku Shioya Robert Axelrod
Detective Pinkerton TSNB.png Detective Pinkerton Mahito Tsujimura
Prosecutor TSNB.png Prosecutor Toshio Furukawa Richard Epcar
Judge TSNB.png Judge Ted Lehmann
Muff Potter's Lawyer Anime.png Muff's Lawyer
Joe Harper Anime.png Joe Harper Kazuhiko Inoue
Natalie Rose TSNB.png Miss Natalie Rose Kotoe Taichi Lara Cody
Theatre Actor TSNB.png Samuel Flynn
(Theatre Actor)
Takkō Ishimori Michael McConnohie
Walter TSNB.png Walter Naoki Tatsuta Dave Mallow
Morris TSNB.png Morris Shōjirō Kihara Michael McConnohie

Additional Voices / Unidentified Roles


Date(s) Channel Country
1988-1989 HBO United States United States

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
Celebrity Home Entertainment 1991 VHS.jpg Various Episodes NTSC United States United States
4 Volumes

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