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The Adventures of Spot is an animated series based on the books by Eric Hill. In the late 1980's, the series was distributed in the US by Disney. Most of the voices in Disney's release were redubbed by voice acting veterans Corey Burton and Linda Gary, Spot on the other hand is redubbed by child actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas. In 2000, the series' narration was redubbed once again, this time in the United Kingdom with British comedian Jane Horrocks to keep consistency with Spot's Musical Adventures which she also narrated.


Image Character Original Actor US Dub 2000 Redub
Spot.jpg Spot Paul Nicholas Jonathan Taylor Thomas Jane Horrocks
Sally.jpg Sally Linda Gary
Helen.jpg Helen
Claire.jpg Claire
Miss Bear.jpg Mrs. Bear
Tina.jpg Tina
Sam.jpg Sam Corey Burton
Steve.jpg Steve
Tom.jpg Tom
Billy.jpg Billy
Mr. Kangaroo.jpg Mr. Kangaroo
Leo.jpg Leo


Date(s) Channel Country
Disney Channel 1988-1993 United States United States
Playhouse Disney 1997-2002

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Content Region Country
Walt Disney Home Video 1993-2002 VHS.jpg The Complete Series NTSC United States United States
26 Volumes

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